Happy Thanksgiving from All of Us

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. It is a day to be thankful for all the beautiful things this life has given us. So we at Yanko Design want to do something a little different today; something outside of our regular postings. We want to say to you, just how thankful all of us here are for each and every one of you who support the site and make it what it truly is. Without you all, we wouldn’t be what we are. So on this day, we want to stop and let you know how much we truly appreciate you and are thankful that you are the ones who help us grow and achieve our dreams in this company. We hope that all of you have a really wonderful day today and every day. From the bottom of our hearts and the depths of our souls, THANK YOU!

P.S Because many of you (and some of us, actually Takashi only) will be on vacation Thanksgiving week, we won’t be posting new material as much, but we will be checking your comments all week. Here’s hoping you have a great Thanksgiving, and we will be at full speed on Monday, November 26.

Yummy pictures provided by TasteSpotting.