Don’t struggle with stubble – Get The Razorpit

Here’s the deal with hair, it’s a nuisance to comb, it gets in our food, it clogs our bathrooms, and here’s the recent grievance. With constant shaving, the edge of the blade becomes ineffective because of hair particle buildup, and cleaning it is next to impossible because you have to be super careful while handling the sharp blades. Now with waxing your beard not being a mentally sane option, the only alternative has been to periodically switch razor blades; which can really burn a hole in your pocket if you sprout whiskers faster than the Wolfman. Do want Razorpit!

Since quite a while now, Razor companies have started using what is called a DLC, or a Diamond-Like Carbon coating on the blades, giving it its dangerously sharp edge. However, within a fortnight of usage, the blades stop working as smoothly, often pinching or nicking the skin. This coating doesn’t wear off easily, and more times than you’d be led to believe, the blades just need a good cleaning to be restored to their former glory. The Razorpit, developed by Firtal Brands boasts of cleaning your blades so well, that they can be used to 300% of their promised potential.

With a patented friction surface that gently removes particulate matter from around your blades, the Razorpit cleans your blades to an extent that you can notice the difference on even a microscopic level.

Here’s what you have to do:

  • After shaving, lubricate the Razorpit surface with thin layer of your shaving cream/foam.
  • Smoothly, yet firmly, rub your blades (face down) on the surface, upwards (opposite to the shaving direction).
  • Make sure you run the blade from one end of the surface to the other. Do this roughly 5 times after every time you shave.
  • Don’t forget to rinse your blade in warm water once you’re done.
  • Lastly, go buy something cool with the money you save from not having to purchase extra shaving blades.

Don’t struggle with stubble. Now you can shave the way every man aspires to, like playing Fruit Ninja with your beard.

Designer: Firtal [ Buy it Here ]