15 Amazing Best of Best: 2012 red dot product design

To quote Professor Dr. Peter Zec “Companies have realized that investing in design offers a considerable added value. In the end, the design of a product is the most important incentive for the purchase decision of a consumer.” We totally agree! The winners of the 2012 red dot product design were recently announced and like last year, the official Gala will be in July. Here is a quick look at the 15 products that won the coveted Best of Best 2012 red dot product design. Cheers to Good Design!

1) OpenSpace Shower Screen by EOOS Design

Manufacturer: Duravit AG

OpenSpace is a shower screen that transforms to a discreet wall panel. A frame in brilliant chrome look provides the outer contours. Two large glass doors are fitted into the frame and the door on the side of the taps fittings is made from mirror glass.

2) Xoolum Linear LED Lighting Fixture by LED Linear

Xoolum is a 24V, dimmable linear lighting fixture with 45° adjustable light head. It is ideal for wall washing, cove, and display case or under cabinet lighting.

3) Shallow Swing – Garden Furniture by Werkstatt für Holzgestaltung

Shallow Swing is a spacious fabric-covered handcrafted wooden frame that invites you to relax on it. Funcky and full of spunk, they look like petals on the lawn!

4) Recline Personal Cardiovascular Fitness Equipment by Technogym Spa

Recline Personal features an ergonomic seat and pedals with elegant finishing. To keep boredom at bay, the machine hooks up to the Internet and keeps you entertained while do your workout.

5) Speedmax Concept Timetrail by Artefakt Industriekultur

Manufacturer: Canyon Bicycles

CANYON speedmax concept is a timetrial machine for use in professional cycling. This aerodynamically optimized machine integrates the newly developed braking system, which was perfected in extensive wind-tunnel testing.

6) Geograph Rainforest Watch by Les Ateliers Louis Moinet

Geograph Rainforest is a two-pusher automatic chronograph with second time zone and featuring genuine fossilized palm wood. The fossilized palm wood has its origins in an emblematic tree from the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, believed to be 70 million years old. For each watch sold, Louis Moinet will make a substantial donation to the Pulau Banding Foundation, an organization aiming to preserve the Malaysian tropical forest of Belum-Temengor, one of the oldest in the world.

7) Annette Douglas Textiles ACOUSTICS – Translucent Acoustic Curtains by Annette Douglas Textiles

“Silent Space Collection” from Annette Douglas Textiles ACOUSTICS is a collection of acoustic curtains, consisting of light, transparent and flame-retardant acoustic fabrics with excellent sound absorption properties. The fabric absorbs round five times more, than a common transparent sheer fabric.

8 ) Endemico Resguardo Silvestre by graciastudio

Manufacturer: Grupo Metalco, USA

9) Mindport by Lista Office LO & Greutmann Bolzern

The objective behind the interior furnishing system “Mindport by Lista Office LO” was to create a working environment in open-plan offices that supports different ways of working as regards concentration and communication, ensures the efficient use of available space and provides a private sphere, a possibility to retreat and optimal acoustics.

10) Smart ebike – Electric Bike by Daimler

Smart ebike is appropriate for city use and breaks the conventional bicycle design with attractive integration of the components of the electric drive. Straightforward operation, a low weight, excellent ergonomics and a practical stowage space concept all contribute to making the smart ebike fun to ride.

11) Soulution 540 Digital-Player by greutmann bolzern designstudio

Manufacturer: soulution / SPEMOT AG, Switzerland

The Soulution 540 Digital-Player features the prestigious and expensive drive made by Teac/Esoteric. The device is controlled by an ultra-precise soulution clock generator. It also has two separate power supplies built into it’s housing: one for the analogue signal processing and one modern switching power supply for the digital sections.

12) Nikon 1 Digital Camera by Nikon

Nikon 1 is compact and lightweight and features interchangeable lens, Speedlight, GPS unit, grip, and cases. In addition to standard still-image shooting and movie recording, the system includes Motion Snapshot, a function that combines a still image with full-HD movie, and Smart Photo Selector, which automatically record the best shots in a series of buffered images.

13) BGL35Move Series Vacuum Cleaner by Robert Bosch Hausgeräte

The MoveOn vacuum cleaner features 360-degree ball connection and XXL wheels that make it easier to navigate around obstacles in the living area. With its mat shock-absorbing bottom shell and bumper strip, the appliance is well equipped for everyday use.

14) UNO Coffee Machine by 2nd West | design for public

Manufacturer: Delica

With a width of 10.6 cm, it is the smallest capsule-coffee-machine of its kind. UNO features injection molded components that can be easily recycled because they are not varnished. Thanks to the record-breaking 15 seconds heat-up and the energy-efficient stand-by-mode, it is the most energy-saving capsule-coffee-machine in the market. The eleven varieties of coffee promise both, high quality and full enjoyment.

15) Jinn Floor Light & Table Light by Mathias Hahn

Manufacturer: VERTIGO BIRD

Jinn is a super slick floor and table lamp where the metal shade is supported by a glass piece that is mounted on top of the base. Reminding us of an oil or gas lamp, the control for dimming and switching is positioned on the base of the lamp.