A Boeing 737 Was Transformed Into This Luxurious Villa Perched On A Cliffside In Bali

Dubbed the Private Jet Villa, this extraordinary home is built from the fuselage of a Boeing 737 aircraft and is subtly perched on the edge of a beautiful cliffside in Bali. The Private Jet Villa features an all-new stunning interior that replaced the functional cabin. The interior includes a bedroom with a jacuzzi in the cockpit. Designed by Geometrium Studio, the home is nestled on an exquisite spot 150 m above sea level, above the Nyang Nyang Beach Cliff in Bali, Indonesia. The airplane was originally in service in Indonesia, but after it was decommissioned, it was moved to the site using a truck and crane and then renovated on-site.

Designer: Geometrium Studio

Converting the old Boeing 737 into a majestic home was no easy feat. The home had to be placed on a cliffside, and there was also a lack of space and odd dimensions to deal with. To deal with these issues, the studio installed a new ducted ventilation and air-conditioning system, which conceals the electrical systems and a water supply in the cargo hold. The furniture was specially custom-designed to perfectly fit into the space’s curved walls. The studio mitigated the limited space through the use of natural wood, light tones, and concrete textures.

Rounded shapes and forms were integrated into the interior, which mimicked the tubular shape of the aircraft fuselage. These shapes were seen in the bathroom, and in other interior touches as well. Mirrors were also incorporated into the home to add an illusion of spaciousness and comfort, while natural light was maximized by utilizing original windows.

A floating staircase offers access to the interior. This staircase connected to the living room, dining room, and a big shared kitchen in the center. This section connects to the plane’s two wings, which include terraces, and offer stunning views of the landscape. One of the wings juts over the cliffside. The central section leads to two bedrooms. The first bedroom is located in the cockpit, and it includes a jacuzzi bathtub and a double bed, as well as its en-suite bathroom. The second bedroom is located in the tail section and it has an en-suite bathroom as well.