This lamp takes on modern minimalism with a simple and multifunctional design

Shail Iyer’s lamp design takes on modern minimalism, with a simple and multifunctional light fixture.

Spending more time working from home in our home offices is turning many of us to minimalism. We’re all sick of the clutter. While true minimalism is difficult to integrate and embody in the day-to-day, contemporary, hybrid takes on the movement make the overall look of minimalism feel a little more accessible. Known for simplicity and function, modern minimalism is all about taking up as little space as possible, while doing big jobs. Taking his swing at it, industrial designer and 3D product visualizer Shail Iyer tried his take on modern minimalism with a new lamp design.

Designer: Shail Iyer

Defined by a multi-shaped silhouette, Iyer’s desk lamp appears like a modern lamp light lantern. The body of the lamp remains the most noticeable, keeping a large, cylindrical shape that provides a weighty bottom for stability. Then, a capsule-shaped LED light operates as the lamp’s main light fixture, which is connected to a semi-circular steel handle. Incorporating a touch of multifunctionality into the design, Iyer designed the lamp so that it could either rest atop a flat surface or hang from a hook on the wall for a unique wall-mounted light fixture.

“Modern minimalism was something that always excited the designer in me,” explaining the design’s original inspiration behind. On his draw to modern minimalism, Iyer describes, “Just the simplicity and elegance of these forms and designs in open spaces tends to create so much more rest and space for relaxation.”