This hybrid adventure motorbike with balloon tires can take on any tough terrain with ease

There’s something about motorbikes with fat tires that makes them exceptionally interesting. Either it’s a perceived notion that they are more suited for all-terrain adventures or their beefy tire set makes them seemingly more durable than the rest. Either way, it’s a fact that fat-tire bikes are more suited for slippery, sandy or snowy terrain. The Arsenale have reincarnated their 2×2 Ultrabike in a new avatar because the two-wheeler somehow failed to capture attention at its maiden attempt. The improved and rebranded Plan B (the name says it all) is a second strive to pique interest in the cross-country off-road adventure bike genre.

What’s not going to go down well with prospective buyers is that the 2×2 bike costs $2,000 while the Plan B motorbike is priced at $15,000. That’s an exorbitant inflated value even though this newer version comes with added upgrades and tech improvements. Tough, we’re hoping for a lauded set of improvements, and a more affordable price tag in consequent versions.

Designer: The Arsenale

The balloon-tired motorbike retains its electric powertrain DNA in a low-power hybrid gas/electric format, powering the 2WD system. The bike touts an ultra-long range of more than 200 miles (depending on driving style and terrain) as it is more lightweight now. Even though it doesn’t look production-ready compared to the likes of Rokon, if everything goes well, it could lure buyers who are seeking a reliable adventure bike that’s easy to maneuver and promises a long range. But that price tag when compared against the $10,250 MotoTracktor by Rokon still is a deal breaker.

The form, as seen in the pictures looks impressive and we’re eager, as to how the thing will look in real life. That ride height is quite assuring of its capability to take on any rough surface, and the chunky tires look good to take on any abrasive surface without suffering multiple punctures. The on-board batteries sit right beneath the rider’s sitting position and the electric motor. For the hybrid function when the batteries are short on charge and there’s no charging station in sight, the hybrid drivetrain kicks into action.

In its current state, the e-bike is still raw compared to other offerings that have proven their mettle for some years now. The reliability for first mover advantage is also going to factor in as the Plan B is factually still a “Plan B” by the brand with little proven testing.