Always Get a Green Light!


Every cyclist knows that the best trips are those when you hit every green light! Designed with this in mind, Orion is a commuter must-have. Easily installed on your handlebars, it provides simple directions and navigation that helps you find the most efficient bicycle route each time. With real-time traffic light information and uphill/downhill distance indicators, you’ll know exactly where to go with the straightforward indicators and information on the screen. Just snap it on your handlebars, install the Orion extension on your Google Maps app, and you’re good to go!

Designer: Clement Dauchy


“It became an everyday challenge to pass all those lights without stopping. I believe I am not alone in this situation so I thought about a cycling navigation device that would help anticipate, manage your effort and make your ride around the city more efficient,” explains Clement.




“The module provide informations about the upcoming traffic lights and their state, so you know exactly the duration of the traffic light being green so to adjust your speed accordingly.”