The Typo Office Chair Is Named After The Intentional Error Or Playful Detail On Its Spine

The most important piece of furniture in our office is our prized chair! It is where we spend hours on end. We spend the majority of our day sitting on chairs, whether we’re working in our home office or a corporate one. Hence, this piece of furniture needs to be not only comfortable but ergonomic, and aesthetic as well. For me personally, I should be able to sit on my chair all day, feeling inspired and productive, and constantly churning out good work. I know sounds like an impossible feat, doesn’t it? How could one furniture design do all this and more for us? Well, I don’t know if finding the perfect office chair is possible, but the Typo Office Chair by AMDL Circle comes pretty close. Let’s take a look!

Designer: AMDL Circle for Mara

Italian studio AMDL Circle designed this simple yet powerful office chair for the furniture brand Mara. What sets this seemingly ordinary chair apart is its playfully bent form! It is an ergonomic office chair with a light timber base and backrest, that have a gentle curve in their form. This gently curved shape sets the chair apart and serves as the ‘focal point’ of the entire furniture design.

The subtle wood is contrasted by a colored metal structure which in turn creates a distinctive and vibrant silhouette. This intriguing contrast adds a lively element to the chair, taking it from an everyday furniture design to something refreshing. Mara worked with AMDL Circle to create the design, and which is the result of “unconventional fine-tuning”.

“By bending a square-section steel tube along the diagonal, the material deforms, curling and sharply creasing,” said Mara. “This detail generates the intentional and sought-after ‘error’ that is the soul of the project.” “Typo, as a typing error, is almost an accidental mistake,” concluded the brand, explaining the product’s playful name. Much like its name, this office chair is defined by what initially seems like a mistake, but is in fact an intentional detail that adds personality and character to an otherwise somber and humble wooden furniture design.