Pinch of Salt by Craighton Berman

Kosher salt– an additive-free salt with a flaky texture and a clean flavor– is typically kept in a large open vessel next to the cooktop, known as a salt cellar. A cook dips their fingers into the salt cellar and pinches a portion for use. This direct interaction with the salt is the impetus for the design of Pinch.

Pinch is a slipcast porcelain salt and pepper set which brings the experience of adding ‘a pinch of salt’ to the dining table. The bottom vessel is filled with Kosher salt and acts as a tabletop salt cellar, and the top sphere is a traditional pepper shaker, filled through a corked opening in the bottom. The curved opening in the cellar accepts the shaker, which acts as a cover when not in use. The act of ‘closing’ Pinch results in the satisfying slide of two pieces of ceramic against each other–a viscerally pleasing interaction that is reminiscent of using a ceramic mortar and pestle.

Designer: Craighton Berman


  • Craighton says:

    Thanks for posting, Yanko!

  • ivan huber says:

    nice work craig… been seeing this around the net quite a bit!

  • Craig says:

    Thanks Ivan, hope all is well.

  • Eve says:

    nice work craig… been seeing this around the net quite a bit!

  • Carl says:

    nice work, for home use only i take it. id not like this in a restaurant

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