LG Flow TV concept with detachable speakers for modern dwellers who love the freedom of movable platforms

The trend for single-person households is catching up in the urban landscape, and so is the need for modern electronics that come with the freedom of a movable platform. The reason is, that Gen-Z and single-person households don’t want the hassle of wall-mounted TVs when frequently changing bases. Solution, the LG Flow concept that comes with detachable speakers.

The proposed concept by GDM+ designers allows the user to enjoy 360-degree spatial audio anywhere. The whole TV frame can be rotated in any direction and the detachable wireless speaker module at the bottom of the display gives modern users more freedom when shifting bases or even rearranging their apartment. Big displays with permanent brackets on the wall or even in the stand format isn’t appealing enough for such users.

Designer: KDM+

This frame-like display is designed keeping in mind the harmony of the interior space like your living room or bedroom. The outer frame houses the display that can be rotated in a horizontal or vertical orientation with the push of the button on the provided remote control. In the vertical mode, the back legs are lean against the wall while in the horizontal mode, the long legs are tilted back to adjust to adjust the user’s eye level. The detachable speakers automatically adjust to the placement position to beam 360 degrees of omnidirectional sound for multimedia viewing. When you detach them, the position of the individual speakers is automatically gauged and ambient sound is adjusted according to the sitting position of listeners.

When you’re not watching any content on the TV, it doubles as a beautiful artwork piece to enhance the interior space. You can set it to display famous paintings, your memorable pictures, or anything random that makes you feel good.