A circular Apple Watch seems very unlikely, but it sure looks beautiful!

Short of putting a camera on the Apple Watch, there’s little to nothing Apple can do to make their Watch Series 5 better. It’s a remarkably built wearable with a great battery, a screen that can stay on all the time, a waterproof build that lets you go swimming with it on, an e-sim that lets you call, send messages, and the ability to perform EKG readings to keep you in the pink of health. It’s the perfect cross between consumer tech and medical tech, and there aren’t many smartwatches that can really match up to it. There’s no need for Apple to make their watches better, but the vicious cycle of product launches fuelled by profit-growth means Apple will, invariably release a new watch this year.

What could the Series 6 possibly do to be different from (and better than) the Series 5? A concept creator by the name of Phone Industry’s envisioned a radically different, circular Apple Watch 6… because why not. It features a Samsung Galaxy-inspired circular body and dial, with a thin bezel around the edge, and a speaker grill at the very periphery of the dial. It also ditches the rotating crown for a more standard tactile button.

I doubt you could watch Apple TV or a keynote on the circular screen (or even browse the internet effectively), but the Apple Watch has never been touted as an internet-browsing device on your wrist. Instead, the circular screen could enhance the Apple Watch’s existing services by making use of the circular UI to lay-out information in an effective way. Besides, that circular watch-face looks pretty stunning, don’t you think?!

Designer: Phone Industry