The Cold and the Beautiful


This is what I love about the Yanko family. It’s a thriving design community that’s eager not only to see new designs, but also to encourage better ones. Back in 2010, designer Ashley Legg envisioned the Smart Fridge, quite an avant-garde concept for 5 years ago, when the Internet of Things was just about catching on… Today the Smart Fridge comes back as the Smart Fridge 2.0, in a sleek new avatar.

The amped-up futuristic refrigerator comes with its signature touch interface that makes the fridge your own personal JARVIS in the kitchen. Cameras inside the fridge sense and keep a track of what goes in and also the freshness of the ingredients. The fridge interface can suggest meals and display recipes based on what your fridge has inside it. Technology built into the fridge can help you plan your diet/intake. And just to shake the world up a little, the Smart Fridge 2.0 allows you to even do your food shopping from the screen on your fridge door!

What say, People of Yanko??

Designer: Ashley Legg