Whimsical Moose-shaped cabinet adds a touch of delightful quirk to your interior space

If Radhika Dhumal’s beetle-inspired table captivated your heart then this multifunctional cabinet modeled on the form of a moose is sure to catch your fancy. A winner of the A’ Design Award last year, this little whimsical wonder from Priyam Doshi adds a touch of playfulness to your interior decor while giving you functional storage. The cabinet adopts the rough silhouette of a moose, with broad legs, a squarish face, and even horns that serve well as jewelry hangers.

Designer: Priyam Doshi

Handmade from Oakwood with a water-based matte finish, the Moose cabinet has four distinct storage areas – the two legs, the body, and the face. The legs offer open storage for statement pieces and other memorabilia, while the body and face have their own doors to help store other items that you’d necessarily want to keep away from snooping neighbors – your jewelry or your fancy alcohol collection, perhaps. Points for noticing that the handle on the face door is, in fact the moose’s eye!

The tabletop surface above the moose comes outfitted with a variety of trays to store other tchotchkes and bric-a-brac from watches and loose change to perhaps even your AirPods, wallet, EDC. The moose’s tail has a built-in mirror, which is a nice quirky touch, while the horns themselves serve as perfect hangers for tiny purses, keys, or even a hat.

“The inspiration was to add fun to the boring mundane lifestyles and objects around you. The Moose Cabinet is a handcrafted statement piece inspired by the animal, Moose and is designed to be a FUNctional piece – FUN yet highly functional,” says designer Priyam Doshi. “Also in today’s times, with people’s lifestyles becoming more demanding & people looking at efficient uses of living spaces there is a need to have multifunctionality in the new products we are designing. So Plug and play accessories were added for the users.”