The $33 Gerber Quadrant Pocket Knife comes with a gorgeous bamboo handle and a ‘lifetime’ warranty


It’s rare to see knives that look like the Gerber Quadrant. Most knives have extremely classic drop-point or tanto-style blades (close your eyes and think of a pocket knife, chances are you’ve thought of one of those two), so seeing a blade like the one on the Quadrant is refreshing. The Quadrant is less of a hardcore outdoor knife and more of a pocket blade worthy of being a part of your sophisticated EDC collection. Make no mistake, the 7Cr17MoV steel blade is extremely capable, and comes with this hyper sheepsfoot profile that’s perfect for cutting and slicing, but the Quadrant isn’t your average ultra-rugged tactical blade – it’s a suave piece of gear that balances sophistication with outdoorsy… and to highlight that fact, the Quadrant has this gorgeous dual-material handle, featuring a robust metal body along with an immaculately smooth bamboo wood insert that gives the Quadrant its signature style.

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The Quadrant’s blade feels almost reminiscent of a barbershop blade, with its rectangular profile. More popularly known as a sheepsfoot (for its sheep hoof-shaped tip) or a wharncliffe type blade, this particular style usually has a straight running edge that’s perfect for cutting/slashing. The lack of a defined tip makes this knife unsuitable for piercing, but some would suggest that this actually enhances the knife’s safety, while ensuring it’s used exactly in specific applications.

The knife’s silhouette is relatively rectangular, but the Gerber Quadrant makes up for it with its gorgeous design. The 7Cr17MoV steel blade features an anodized spine with a metallic edge that gives it a dual-tone finish, while the handle itself has two materials – the metal and the bamboo wood, creating an aesthetic that’s unmistakable. The knife sports a flipper for easily deploying the 2.7″ blade, with a frame lock that secures the blade in place while cutting.

The overall EDC is rather compact, measuring in at 4 inches when closed, and 6.7 inches when opened. At 4.3 ounces (121.9 grams), the Quadrant is lighter than most, making it a perfect EDC for carrying around indoors or outdoors. A pocket clip on the flipside of the handle lets you easily secure the Quadrant to your pocket or a pouch in your backpack, allowing you to whip it out when you need a handy, reliable blade. Gerber also offers a limited lifetime warranty on the knife, covering any product defects in assembly, manufacturing, or material choice.

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