Get your best sleep and wake up refreshed every day with this innovative smart sleep mask

Around 70 million Americans are reported to have one form of sleeping disorder or another, and a whopping 30% of adults are suffering from insomnia. We can probably blame part of this on a culture that glorified activity and busyness at the expense of sleep, but now people have become painfully aware of the need for restful slumber to actually keep their productivity up, not to mention live healthy lives. Unfortunately, many quick-fix solutions involve artificial methods like pills or herbal concoctions to force our bodies to shut down, leading to unbalanced lifestyles and dependence on these substances. Fortunately, there are more natural methods with longer-lasting effects, and this advanced sleep mask harnesses the power of sounds and light not only to let you sleep deeply but also to wake up more peacefully and naturally, ready to face the day ahead.

Designers: Adrian Wong and W.H.

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Pills, teas, and other sleeping aids use external substances to help lull the body and mind to sleep. They might not be harmful as far as their ingredients go, but they don’t instill good habits and rely on external factors to induce sleep. They also don’t address the problem of waking up properly from this deep slumber, something that can only really be done with the right kind and amount of light. Fortunately, our bodies can actually be trained to this healthier sleeping pattern, which is what the Aura Smart Sleep Mask brings to the table, or the bed rather, utilizing immersive sounds and light therapy to get you sleeping and waking up in the best ways possible.

Step 1: Pair with Aura app & tailor your Dreamscape.

Step 2: Put on Aura.

Step 3: Enjoy your relaxation sessions with the optional light therapy.

Step 4: Experience total blackout & enter sleep nirvana.

Using the Aura Smart Sleep Mask is as easy as pairing it with the mobile app, selecting your preferred Dreamscape, putting it on, and enjoying the soothing sounds and gentle lights that will put you to sleep like a gentle lullaby. Dreamscape fuses the best of audio experiences, from meditation to ASMR to the melodies of nature, in order to bring your mind and body to a peaceful state. You can even have guided meditation if that’s your cup of proverbial tea. And when it comes for you to finally rouse from slumber, the mask emulates the light of the rising sun to wake you up more naturally compared to the harmful shock of an alarm.

In addition to the sound and light therapy, the Aura Smart Sleep Mask also creates a total blackout in order to let you create your personal sleep sanctuary wherever you are. The Hug 3D memory foam creates a leak-free seal around your eyes without putting any pressure on them, allowing you to blink freely and even keep them open until you finally fall asleep. Comfort, after all, is a critical element in a peaceful slumber, and every inch of the Aura Smart Sleep Mask is designed to be gentle on your head. Even better, this cushion attaches magnetically so it can be removed easily and washed by hand or in a machine.

Whether you’re trying to reclaim your sleep schedule or trying to get some shut-eye in an unfamiliar place, this innovative and comfortable smart wearable will help you get the best sleep and the most peaceful rising each and every time. Say goodbye to those costly pills, put away the inconvenient teas, and harness the power of soothing sounds and therapeutic lights to rediscover the power of rest with the Aura Smart Sleep Mask.

Click Here to Buy Now: $169 $329 ($160 off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left! Raised over $160,000.