Meet The First Aid Blanket

I love the world of inspiration, imagination and concept design! How else is it possible that we have two strikingly similar concepts, designed by teams that are geographically poles apart and both go on to win prestigious design awards. Take a look at the First Aid Cover by Jussi Koskimäki here, now come back and review the First Aid Blanket. Jussi bagged the prestigious Braun Prize, while the Asian team has bagged the Red Dot Awards. To be honest I love them both, because of their practical approach at guiding lay people in first aid.

Designers: Prof. Chai Chunlei, Qiu Yiwu, Cheng Zirui, Jin Qi, Li Zhexin, Li Ziyao, Ma Xuna, Shao Shuai & Yu Yijun


  • stephen russell says:

    Mass produce this, for every locale & issue to paramedics & EMTs alone & use in First Aid classes aside
    Nursing schools
    Must for the VA.
    Every hospital should have 100 on hand.
    Must for training too.

  • BC says:

    So, everytime you use this you have to lay the casualty on the mat? That’s pretty dumb, isn’t it?

    Nevertheless great for first aid training with dummies though.

  • Nurse Max says:

    Nice graphical guidance, but I wouldn’t spend much time positioning the person ON the blanket if the person is already on the ground. By removing the central stripe they can create a sort of a “C” frame around the person.
    If this is focused on drowning people then the positioning is already happening when the person is put out of the water and on the ground/blanket.

  • Nika says:

    What about if the patient is a child? There should be anthropomorphic adjustments.

  • Marie says:

    Nika, the designer could make small adjustments to the graphics.
    I personally think this is a beautiful idea. And a wonderful way to teach basic first aid.

  • soo-yung says:

    Nice idea. I like it! Could be optimized for different scenarios. But the color shouldn’t be all red. They should make it a more calming color.

  • ann says:

    if the blanket include the breathing mask will be great.

  • Bobby Davis says:

    How would you get a body on top of the blanket and positioned so perfectly?

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