This beetle-inspired table spreads its wings to double its tabletop surface!

In an unusually beautiful case of nature-inspired design, the Elytra table by Radhika Dhumal expands in size by ‘spreading its wings’! The table comes inspired by beetles and the way their wings nest perfectly around their body. The table itself comes with perfectly natural bug-like proportions that fits in well as garden decor, and uses two ‘wings’ to expand in surface, much like the beetle.

Elytra’s design is dominated by rounded forms that give it a friendly, pet-like demeanor, and feature four legs that are positioned in a way that gives the Elytra its unique, animalistic stance. The table’s surfaces are split into four broad parts, including a wooden ‘head’ and ‘body’ as well as two glass-inlay wings that can be opened out expand the table’s surface to store an extra few cups of tea, a planter or two, and perhaps a notebook to doodle your ideas on!

Designer: Radhika Dhumal