This portable dish rack can collapse down to 1.2 inches in just a second

It’s easy to take for granted how much space things take up in the kitchen until you find yourself suddenly running out of places to put stuff. Some kitchen appliances and furniture might be non-negotiable, but other tools and fixtures could probably do a bit of rethinking. Some of them might be redundant, while others don’t even have to be out of the closet all of the time, especially when they’re not in use. A dish or draining rack, for example, doesn’t serve a purpose once all the tableware has been stored away, but most of them still take up precious space anyway. Not to mention, you can’t easily bring a dish rack with you when you go camping because of their very fixed forms. This rather novel rack, however, fixes all those problems by implementing a collapsible design that will let you easily put the draining rack away once its job is done.

Designers: Sugata Mono Studio for Ishikawa

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Truth be told, there aren’t a lot of things in the kitchen that can be put away after use aside from tableware, utensils, and cookware. That’s why there’s always a need to optimize the space being occupied by tools and equipment, which requires a bit of creative thinking and design. You won’t always be drying wet plates and pots, for example, so having a permanent draining rack might not be the greatest idea for some kitchens. In theory, it’s something that you should be able to take out and put away as needed, just like other tools, but the convention just so happened to use rigid designs made of plastic, metal, or wood.

This collapsible draining rack throws that convention out the window to save you space in the kitchen and make it more convenient to have meals outdoors. It uses a patent-pending spring system that gives the rack an accordion-like design, allowing you to expand it to a full 14″ (36cm) length or shrink it down to just 1.2″ (3cm). The best part is that the mechanism is so easy and smooth that you can do that in just a second.

It’s a simple design change, but one that has massive implications. You don’t have to reserve space in your kitchen for a draining rack and can use any flat surface as an ad hoc area. Once you’re done, simply collapse the rack and then shove it in a drawer. It also means it’s easy to transport so you can have the same experience while camping outdoors. The rack is so light and slim that you can actually carry it in your pocket. You don’t even need a flat surface since the rack’s design lets it conform to curved or uneven objects like tree trunks and boulders.

Despite that form-changing design, this collapsible draining rack is still made for durability and reliability, with SUS304 stainless steel parts that are resistant to rust and scratches. The shape that each wire rod takes is intentionally simple to reduce the chances of dirt accumulating in hidden nooks and crannies. And if you’re not that confident in your manual washing skills, the collapsed rack can just as easily be cleaned inside a dishwasher. Whether you’re drying plates or pots indoors or outdoors, this accordion-like collapsible draining rack delivers a simple yet effective tool that gets out of the way once its job is done.

Click Here to Buy Now: $68 $75 (10% off at checkout). Hurry, Easter sales end in 48 hours.