Top 10 E-Scooters That Are Designed To Transform & Improve Urban Commuting

E-scooters are like the e-bike’s friendly little brother! They are easier to ride, sleek, and also seem more approachable. Weaving through traffic is super easy with them, letting you finally bid adieu to traffic jams. And if you choose an electric scooter as your preferred means of transportation, then you’re also cutting down on fossil-fuel consumption, and being a major support to planet Earth. In an ode to scooters and their immense functionality, we’ve curated a collection of innovative and nifty scooter designs that seem to be slowly taking over the automotive industry. Ride on!

1. S32 EV

Say hello to the S32 EV, an electric scooter that transforms into an e-rikshaw and vice versa! This innovative automotive is designed for the Indian subcontinent, and it has an interchangeable body frame which is truly a first for the industry. The transition takes less than three minutes, owing to the specially engineered spring-loaded mechanism, which transforms the three-wheeled e-rickshaw into an electric scooter.

2. The Infinite Machine P1 Electric Scooter

Dubbed the Infinite Machine P1 Electric Scooter, this Cybertruck-inspired E-scooter by techie brothers Eddie and Joseph Cohen is made out of anodized aluminum and steel composition. It has integrated Apple CarPlay which allows turn-by-turn navigation alerts or lets you play your favorite tunes on the go. The scooter’s GPS and remote locking capability eliminate all chances of theft, as the culprit can be quickly tracked down. It is a future-proof automotive, that resonates with the emotions and likings of Gen-Z.

3. Omni Scooter

Called the Omni Scooter, this electric scooter is centered around the likes, preferences, and aspirations of Generation Z. It was designed in close collaboration with BMW Designworks Munich, Germany. The commuter was constructed with a bottom-up approach, and it caters to the communication element with this scooter, offering the tools to shape their own unique culture. What makes this scooter even more interesting and unique, is that it changes colors and graphics in real-time.

4. The Stilride 1 Electric Scooter

The Stilride 1 electric scooter is created by folding a single piece of stainless steel. It is a unique two-wheeler that looks like a piece of art, while also being environmentally conscious owing to its sustainable construction process. No pieces have been welded together to create the final shape, which makes the scooter ultra-lightweight, ensuring it only weighs 286 pounds including the battery. Since there are fewer parts, the Stilride 1 electric scooter is easily recyclable.

5. Yamaev’s Scooter Concept

This innovative eye-catching tricycle scooter concept features a unique rectangular side profile that slices through the air the same way a credit card would swipe through a payment machine. It also has a different wheel setup feature with a massive front wheel that surrounds the scooter’s transparent bubble-shaped cockpit and two rear wheels that separate for stability at lower speeds, and connect at higher speeds for maneuverability.

6. Nano & Nano+ Model

This electric scooter is made from Rolex Steel, and it is polished in an attractive silver finish, giving the scooter an appealing and lasting impression. The designers created two variants of the electric scooter – the Nano variant which has a max speed of 45 km/h, and the Nano+ model which can go at a speed of 75 km/h. The range on both the variants is the same as they both can clock 60 miles on a full charge of 4.2 kWh battery, which can be charged in four hours.

7. Rena Max E-scooter

Called the Rena Max e-scooter, this fully electric scooter is designed for Middle-Eastern and North African delivery personnel.  Since the scooter is designed for delivery services, it features a digitally lockable carry box that has temperature control, modular shelving, and insulation. It has a climate-controlled environment which ensures that the food or beverage being delivered is fresh and in good condition.

8. Gyro Canopy e

Honda’s Gyro Canopy e is a revamp of its popular Gyro three-wheeled business scooter line. The scooter looks quite similar to a concept Honda introduced back at the 2011 Motor Show. The Canopy e features an electric powertrain, as well as swappable batteries that enable the delivery personnel using them (targetted for delivery systems), to easily and efficiently swap them out, instead of waiting for them to recharge.

9. Scootility

Called the Scootility, this e-scooter with its compact size and narrow footprint in traffic is designed to deliver medication or supplies in affected areas where other forms of transport cannot find access. The Scootility has full suspension and wheels that measure 16 inches on the front and 13 inches on the back. It has a smaller wheel size which creates more space for a cargo box on this scooter with utility as its priority.

10. BeoSpeed

The BeoSpeed has a polished, clean exterior that has a durable hefty weight with a stainless steel coat. The BeoSpeed mixes the modern and classic and has natural leather seating and handlebars that are inspired by Bang & Olufsen’s headphone cushions. The electric scooter is equipped with smooth edges, minimal wheels, and stripped-back leather accents that give it a retro personality.