This Gen-Z electric scooter has ultra-customizable skin and community driven NFT art

Designed in close association with BMW Designworks Munich, Germany, the electric scooter is heavily centred around the likes and aspirations of Generation Z. The commuter is crafted with the bottom-up approach, addressing the communication element with the ride, and providing the tools to shape up their own culture.

The designers of this thorough concept decided to go with RTFKT as the co-brand since they are known for unique experiences when it comes to phygital fashion, sneakers and digital artifacts in the metaverse and NFT realm. What RTFKT wanted them to pursue is the idea that “the most personalized is the most unique.” This coincides with the desire of Gen-Z to be themselves.

Designer: Yejin Lee, Junguk Cha and Haesung Cho

The starting point was the creation of NFTs and the collection of personalized digital identities, with the best representation of the two-wheeled mobility in their subconscious. One highlight of this is the ability of Omini electric scooter to change the colors and graphics in real time. This is done from the dashboard of the vehicle itself, and the users can toggle it to any pallet they desire depending on the mood, likes and place. Everything right from the body frame to the wheels of the electric scooter has a color-changing surface for extreme customization.

The next trending look popular with users can also be imported and applied in an instant on the smartphone. Thus, giving the Gen-Z another way to showcase their lives and express themselves. The owners can share their designs with the community or pin them to their mood boards to create a personal collection. With this process, the next generation gets the opportunity to interact with others in the online world. Eventually, the active community begins to value the NFT art and rankings start to increase, making it monetarily desirable for those who want to apply it on their own Omni.