Cybertruck-inspired Infinite Machine P1 e-scooter combines performance and practicality

If you are already looking for a Cybertruck-inspired fleet of vehicles parked in your garage, then look no further than the Infinite Machine P1 electric scooter. The Brooklyn startup founded by techie brothers, Eddie and Joseph Cohen, has the urban commuter in development, ready to hit the roads by 2024.

At its core, the e-scooter is very much a bike at heart with performance as its mainstay. The cool ride has the obvious geometric shapes of the Cybertruck, and we don’t blame the Cohen brothers for adopting such a design philosophy.

Designer: Infinite Machine

Made out of anodized aluminum and steel composition, the e-scooter has the futuristic looks to kill. The P1 electric scooter is the first of its kind to have integrated Apple CarPlay to get turn-by-turn navigation alerts or play your favorite music on the go. The GPS system and remote locking capability eliminate any chances of theft as the culprit can be tracked down easily. So, it’s futureproof and goes well with the emotions of Gen-Z. Modularity is another aspect where the P1 wins over most of the currently available options. Such modular panels can be attached to the side to enhance functionality, for instance, attaching speakers, or simply increase the cargo carrying capacity.

Coming onto the technical specifications, the e-bike is fitted with a 6kW hub motor that makes it go at a top speed of 55 mph once you push the turbo boost button. That said the optimum driving speed can be pushed to 35 mph which is also respectable in city commuting. All the power comes courtesy of the dual-integrated 72-volt 30-aH batteries that are removable. Another important aspect is the estimated range of 60 miles in city mode. That can however vary depending on the drivable modes – Eco, Performance, Reverse and Turbo Boost.

Apart from the freedom of increasing the storage space via the cargo module option, P1 comes with a spacious pocket under the steering panel, between the rider’s legs and under the seat. Initially, only 1,000 units of the e-scooter will be manufactured and if you already like the prospect of it, pre-booking can be done for a $1,000 deposit. The price of the Infinite Machine P1 starts at $10,000 with deliveries in the US promised by late 2024 or mid 2025. That price tag is higher than the electric Vespa, but if the start-up can deliver on its promise, there’s nothing better for the end users.