Meet Bixie, a wooden mini-bicycle that gets kids excited about sustainable healthy living

If you’re worried that the next generation isn’t interested in toys, books, or playing outdoors, ask yourself… are you really setting the right example? Andrej Kregar makes a pretty insightful comment about how kids emulate their elders, so if you’re attached to your phone all day, chances are your child will follow the trend you set. Keeping that in mind, Kregar decided to not just adopt a healthier lifestyle, but to also give his offspring the tools to live healthy too. It first meant using his smartphone a little less around his child, then taking up bicycling, and then designing the Bixie, a sustainable, eco-friendly bicycle for his daughter that helped her develop a love for cycling while also staying active and therefore healthy.

Bixie is the best way to get children excited about sustainable, healthy living right from the get go. Not only does it promote exercise, but its sustainably built wooden construction introduces eco-friendliness in kids from an early age. Bixie is made from locally sourced beech wood from the Alps. Finished with natural oils and waxes, the wood is lightweight, sturdy, weather-proof, yet completely biodegradable, and a 100% non-toxic.

The bicycle’s frame was designed for children from ages 1.5 to 4, getting them excited about exercise, traveling, and spending time outdoors. The wooden construction makes it biodegradable and eco-friendly, while providing the same durability as metal. The bike comes with an adjustable seat, and doesn’t use any plastic in its construction, or even glue for that matter. The bike relies on traditional wooden fixtures, and is, for the most part, completely recyclable. The handlebars and saddle both come made with authentic handmade leather, providing comfort as well as a touch of tan to the beechwood’s light brown hue, while the inflatable wheels remain perhaps the only standardized part on the otherwise mindfully designed bicycle.

Bixie started as a gift from Andrej to his daughter, and then blossomed into a crowdfunding campaign to allow more parents to do the same for their children. Designed for kids up to the age of four, Bixie comes without pedals, and is a wonderful toy to help exercise a kid’s motor skills, while nurturing in them an appreciation for wandering, the outdoors, and more importantly, love for the environment!

Designers: Andrej Kregar & Kreatif Design

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Bixie: Minimalist Wooden Balance Bike for Kids

Bixie balance bike is an all-natural design and sustainable solution to learn cycling. With the use of natural materials for its construction, the product improves environmental issues. The product is made for children from 1.5 to 4 years of age.

Healthy & eco-friendly. Bixie is made of natural European beechwood with the least amount of glue and wood. Glue does not have any harmful ingredients like Formaldehyde (classified as cancer-causing substance). Formaldehyde is often present in plywood balance bikes.

Learn to ride pedal bikes faster with Bixie. Unlike tricycles and training wheels, it is light and easy to ride, kids can move quickly and safely over uneven surfaces, providing them with much fun and independent riding before the time comes for pedal bikes.

Children who improve their balance at a young age have better coordination when they grow up. Learning to keep balance is a significant part of children’s development, not just in sports, but also in other activities. Kids who use a balance bike are confident enough to move quickly and explore the environment by themselves.

Design Features

Bixie has a unique wooden frame made of natural solid beech wood making their balance bike eco-friendly, light (total weight 3.4kg/7.5lbs) and sustainable.

Bixie has adjustable saddle height and has a unique seat clamp solution not seen anywhere else.

Story & Product Development

Andrej Kregar got the idea of creating a wooden balance bike when his daughter celebrated her 1st birthday. He listened to his daughter’s wish to have a balance bike that looks like a real bike because children want to have copies of the things their parents have.

Trained as an architect and an industrial designer, he decided to design and develop a sustainable, natural and plastic-free bicycle for his child to grow with it. The designing process of Bixie was bumpy but fulfilling, to make something enjoyed by children, liked by parents and harmless to the environment and society. 83% of Bixie is locally sourced and locally made.

Click Here to Buy Now: $149 $249 (40% off). Hurry, only 4/49 left!