Like a Roomba that you Ride In

Ever wonder why there is brail text on drive-up ATMs? Well maybe the makers of ATMs accepted the inevitable future and understand that one day our society will invent autonomous transportation for the world’s blind. Nah, it was probably cheaper to produce one kind of ATM. But at least Eric Leong is thinking about helping the blind. He has designed a concept that takes all the guess work out of navigating to your destination. Simply hail the Johnny Cab IRIS – AUTONOMOUS TRANSPORT via text message and text in your destination. Through the miracle of GPS and other soon to be invented technologies, this concept might one day not only help the blind, it may also help transport those with low-incomes. Don’t question the aesthetics, remember, it’s for the blind. It probably feels beautiful.

Designer: Eric Leong

"Iris" Transportation for the Blind by Eric Leong