Origami-inspired Stilride 1 electric scooter is manufactured using sustainable construction processes

The ancient art of origami involves folding a piece of paper to create intricate 3D shapes inspired by daily objects or living beings around us. So, how about employing the same technique to create an e-bike?

That’s exactly what the Stilride 1 electric scooter is since it’s made by folding a single piece of stainless steel. The makers call this the StillFold technology and we are impressed. Not only is the two-wheeler a piece of art but also environmentally conscious since it’s made using a sustainable construction process. To this accord, not a single piece is welded together to achieve the final shape which gives it another undeniable advantage; that is, ultra-lightweight aesthetics, weighing just 286 pounds including the battery.

Designer: Stilride

The Swedish startup wants to challenge the traditional techniques of automotive manufacturing with its Stilride 1 electric scooter that’s been long in the development and prototype stage. With the USP of being easily recyclable since there are fewer parts, the electric two-wheeler is a refined version of the outfit’s Sport Utility Scooter (1). The ride which somehow seems like the offspring of a Vespa and electric guitar, will eventually be custom manufactured in Stockholm and is all set for 2024 delivery to the clients for a price tag of $16,500. The first batch of the scooters will be called “Limited Founders Edition” and each one of them will be numbered.

From the side profile, the Stilride 1 resembles a swan swimming in water courtesy of the pointed looks and the seemingly feathered tail. The rear wheel-driven electric scooter is powered by an air-cooled 8kW hub motor that churns out 207 pound-feet of peak torque and hurls the ride to a top speed of 60 mph. According to Stilride, the 5.1 kWh battery can squeeze 75 miles on a single charge that’s more than enough for city commuting.

According to Tue Beijer, CTO and co-founder of Stilride, “The Stilride 1 is the culmination of many years’ ambition, passion and experimentation. It has been designed for both the motorcycle enthusiast and the design and sustainability purist. We can’t wait for our first customers to experience the pure joy of our ride and join us in setting a new gold standard for sustainable electromobility.” The maker describes the e-bike as a game-changer in its competing market and is surely the “next step in the electric mobility revolution.”