The Fuell Flow brings electric tech to Buell’s legendary cafe racers

If you were ever a fan of Buell’s motorbikes, you probably weren’t to happy to hear them being absorbed by Harley Davidson. Erik Buell (founder of Buell Motorbikes), however, has moved on and founded a new bike company, rather sardonically named Fuell. And this bike right here, is The Fuell Flow.

Designed to be the vanguard of urban mobility, the Fuell Flow is a fully electric motorbike available in both 11kW and 35kW variants. With a comfortable 125 mile range, and a motor that sits on the rear wheel, eliminating the need for a transmission belt or chain, the Fuell Flow makes for a comfortable urban ride. It features a connected dashboard, 13 gallons of storage on-board for bags and whatnot, and is even customizable, allowing you to switch motors, batteries and chargers. And what’s truly the best bit is that it combines the talent and expertise of Erik Buell, the founder of Buell Motorcycles, and Frédéric Vasseur, Formula 1 Alfa Romeo principal engineer. The Flow does a pretty good job of capturing the soul and aesthetic of Buell’s café racers, and giving them a modern touch with liberal use of straight lines along with the combination of black and silver with just a dash of green!

Designer: Fuell