Kia Pod concept separates into three modules for work, socializing and relaxation

In the ever-evolving dynamics, we are secluded when it comes to social interactions in the real world. Partly attributed to the overindulgence in mobile devices and hectic work-life. Traveling is the only time when there’s scope for interacting with your loved ones or having the much-needed Me Time in the utmost relaxing environment.

The Kia Pod embraces the work-life balance in perfect harmony with the idea of a concept that is divided into three separate modules. That freedom of multiple modules fused into a vehicle is only feasible in complete autonomy, and we are talking of the possibility once Level 5 autonomy becomes a standard sometime in the future.

Designer: Junseok Park

The idea revolves around a compact mobility design that brings forth a new experience in a monotonous daily routine. This is done with the three separate pods for socializing, working and resting. Junseok imagines a large fleet of such Kia vehicles that permit the user to perform their preferred activities in interaction with others.

Separating into a Work Pod, Meeting Pod and Relaxation Pod – the Kia concept employs movable support wheels to stay in place. In the work mode, the front seat reconfigures into a desk to place the laptop, while the side desk is raised up from the vehicle floor for having a good talk. When it’s time to relax after a long journey, the seats recline for relaxing in peace.

In the normal driving mode, all three separate modules attach autonomously for the next long drive. While there are other similar pod concepts that take relaxation and lounging to another level, in a constricted space, the Kia concept opens another dimension of openness.