Tesla LMPE 2030 hypercar promises high octane motorsports for race fans

As a Motorsports fan, how do you think the scene is going to look like come the year 2030? It’ll definitely be dominated by electric cars, as fuel-powered racing monsters, gradually give way to 100 percent clean energy vehicles – on the streets as well as on the racing tracks. Be it the endurance races like the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans or the thrilling Formula-1 races that’ll eventually be overshadowed by Formula-E fraternity. In a future dominated by electric batteries, we cannot overlook the role of Tesla and being a dominant EV manufacturer already, it would be a safe assumption to make that the Elon Musk-led army will also take over the racing field, a decade from now.

The Tesla Squad envisioned by Fabian Breës is a logical assumption of a racing division that is made possible by the battery evolution of the company giving rise to hypercars that battle it out on technologically advanced circuits. Yes, a future where the charging batteries will be laid down the pit lane and certain parts of the track – just like the DRS zones in F1 racing. This will give the drivers the option to juice up their hypercar’s battery while fighting for position on the track – bringing in a new level of strategic decision making to the live race. The cars have lithium-ion batteries rigged to the floor that get charged wirelessly from the induction charging hardware installed underneath the asphalt. Keeping in tune with the future of racing, the airless tires are 3D printed – filled with a porous material to provide cushion from the extreme pressure on the tire walls at high speeds. Interestingly the heat generated from the friction of the tires and the brakes are used to charge the racing cars

Tesla Squad’s most exciting bit will be the cars dubbed Tesla LMPE 2030 that’ll have drivers like Verstappen, Le Mans veteran Webber and probably the young rookie Robin Räikkönen – the youngest LMPE entrant. The crowd at Le Mans will be able to experience the race from the driver’s seat with the VR headsets with all the vital statistics like the graining of tires, battery level and more on the HUD. A unique way to experience high-speed racing, indeed!

Designer: Fabian Breës and Jeroen Claus