Is This the Future of Amtrak


Despite our tendency to look at trains as antiquated, slow-to-grow transportation, railways are actually still less polluting than cars. Not only that, but train systems have had autonomous lines for decades! Still, less and less people travel by rail because it takes longer and is less convenient.

P-trak explores how Amtrak of the United States can stay relevant in the modern transportation landscape. By leveraging the existing US interstate highway system, personal rapid transit (PRT) units would provide service to cities with limited public transit. It’s a more economical and eco-friendly transportation system that combines the accessibility of cars with the environmental efficiencies of railways.

The pods themselves are featured in 2 different sizes with capacities of 20 or 6 passengers. The symmetric design allows each pod to travel forward and backward on the same railway line.Each can navigate entirely autonomously between cities or states, providing customers a faster, more intimate travel experience than traditional railways.

Designer: Tara C Sriram