Top 10 Must-Have Stationery for Back-to-School and University

It’s that exciting time of the year to get back to school or university. Buying stationary and other essential items is an incredibly exciting experience and it motivates us to be the best version of ourselves in the next academic session. Apart from new pencils, pens, and books, take a look at some cutting-edge stationery items that will not only allow you to study well but will also ensure that your creative juices flow and that you are motivated throughout the year.

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1. Storage


The ONEBOX is a versatile woodworking marvel that integrates various tools within an intricately crafted wooden box that employs the time-honored mortise and tenon technique seen in ancient buildings. When ONEBOX is disassembled, its pieces function as stationary tools and fidget toys. Made from poplar, beech, or black walnut wood, this multi-part storage box houses stationery, an adjustable scale, a phone stand, and a compact Gomoku or Checkers board. The wooden pieces connect effortlessly with magnets, creating a cohesive and functional stationery box. Each component serves a specific purpose, including a stationery container and the Eternal Pencil which is a long-lasting writing instrument that requires no sharpening.

Designer: LEGO

Launched before the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, LEGO introduces an adorable yet functional creation: the Star Lord Helmet. This LEGO builds doubly functions as a stationery holder and pen stand, featuring the iconic headgear with intricate details like red-tinted eyepieces and face mask valves. With 602 pieces, it stands 7 inches tall and is part of LEGO’s Infinity Saga series. It combines collectability with practicality and is perfect for storing items like stationery, cables, or even AirPods within the hollow space. The building process is satisfying, and one can also enjoy a 3D virtual build using the LEGO builder app.

2. Organizers

Designer: Nakabayashi

With an increasing number of objects on our work tables, it becomes crucial to save space. This desk organizer offers an effective solution, allowing tools and objects to be stored out of sight when not in use. Although one might have numerous stationery items and tools, we tend to use only a few and the rest take up unnecessary space. This ingenious organizer design resembles regular file binders when closed, but opens up to reveal ample space for various tools and supplies and one has to simply pull out the desired item using the ring hole for easy access.

3. Scissors

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With a practical and minimalist design, these scissors balance functionality with aesthetics. Its flat blades are reminiscent of industrial tools that complement its black Japanese steel body. The extruded part of the finger ring serves as a focal point and enhances its usability. This multifunctional scissor can transform into a box cutter just by flipping the scissors and holding them by the blades. The best part of this design is that the scissors come with a custom-made disc base that holds them upright using a magnet. This enhances the safety of the scissors as it keeps the scissor’s sharp tip safely concealed.

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These guitar-shaped scissors are inspired by the iconic electric guitar designs and it not only cuts through paper but can also cut through boredom and creative blocks. Their authentic design, integrating curves, strings, and frets resonates with the craftsmanship of Seki in Japan. Each scissor has a matching cap that offers protection, these sharp scissors are not only inspiring but highly durable too.

4. Multifunctional Table Lamp

Designer: Pelin Özbalcı

The sPINmemo lamp is a minimalist and multipurpose solution for modern study tables. Its rotating cork body allows personalization with notes or reminders, while a discreet cavity on top offers storage for small items. The lamp is crafted from white ceramic and it illuminates pinned notes. With its interactive features and provision for convenient storage, the sPINmemo lamp combines functionality, and personalization, and helps in creating a clutter-free environment.

5. Reusable Note Book

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Who says that notebooks can only be made from paper? This compact reusable notebook provides a smooth surface for writing, erasing, and rewriting where it retains the simplicity of traditional paper and the convenience of a whiteboard. The notebook’s soft felt cover functions as a large eraser and it incorporates features like a pen holder, stand, and storage pocket.

6. Pen and Pencils

Designers: Odin Ardagh and Noah Bier of Makers Cabinet

The Lazlo pen beautifully demonstrates that complex mechanisms aren’t necessary to elevate the ballpoint. Designed with simplicity and sustainability in mind, its all-metal construction is recyclable. The removable steel clip and front cap provide easy access to the refill. Compatible with Schmidt MegaLine and Euro-Style cartridges, it promotes longevity and reduces the need for new pens, and is packaged from recyclable materials like cork or metal drop stands.

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The everlasting metal pencil offers a revolutionary solution for students, writers, artists, and designers. With an octagonal aluminum shaft and a special alloy core, it writes like a real pencil without wearing down and can create about 10 miles of marks before needing attention. Yet, it can be erased and doesn’t smudge. With a luxurious feel and balanced weight, this full-metal pencil provides uninterrupted moments of writing and creativity.

7. Highlighter

Designer: Wonjun Jo

This innovative highlighter takes inspiration from Korea’s subway trains. This product is shaped like a train, with the front car serving as the cap and it features removable segments representing multicolored train carriages. This design promotes sustainability and is more practical than a single-use highlighter.

8. Sharpener

Designer: Wang Cheng (Dwfuture Design)

Writing with a small pencil can be difficult so designer Wang Cheng has come up with a clever solution. His Eco-Friendly Pencil Sharpener allows one to connect a small pencil to a larger one, resembling cabins on a train. The product comprises three sharpening areas, enabling you to sharpen the pencil conventionally or transform them into wooden screws by threading and tapping them. This is a great way to reduce waste and increase the lifespan of the pencil.

9. Tape Dispenser

Designer: Peleg Design

Inspired by clothespins, this tape dispenser is a convenient tool and its design allows it to clamp onto any tabletop surface so that it is easy to access. Designed by Peleg Design, the product solves problems and is practical to use. Crafted from bent sheet metal, it features clamping jaws covered with a rubber/polymer sleeve to protect your table. It is perfect for desks ranging from 0.4 to 1.8 inches in thickness and comes with its tape roll, which can be easily refilled.

10. Convert Notes into Digital Format

Designer: Nuwa Innovation

The Nuwa Pen was unveiled at CES 2023 and although it appears like an ordinary writing instrument it integrates a built-in motion sensor and a triple camera array. It digitizes one’s notes and drawings in real-time by saving a digital version through the Nuwa app. Its sleek design includes a bulbous tip housing the sensors and cameras, while an infrared light sensor enables low-light usage. With 4096 pressure levels, it accurately captures your handwriting, it uses a standard D1 ink cartridge, can be easily recharged on its stand and it optimizes battery usage by activating its digitizing system upon contact with paper. The best part about this device is that digitized notes can be shared via Bluetooth using the Nuwa app, which offers backup and sharing options, including OCR for editable text.