Ideas come and go. The Post-It Extreme goes nowhere!


There’s always one guy in the office who has no regard for refrigerator or microwave ethics. You need to make sure you write your name on your food or it disappears… or you’re left with a funky microwave because someone heated leftover seafood in it. Next time, you can just leave a post-it note around and know that rules will be followed. Post-It Extreme was made for this express purpose. Meant more for leaving notes that stick longer than for your impromptu brainstorming sessions, the Extreme 3″ x 3″ sticky notes are water resistant and durable. Sporting the same repositionable glue like its predecessor, the Extreme notes won’t crumple or peel off due to moisture, making them perfect for use not only on the outside but even inside the fridge, or in the shower to remind bae to clean up the residual hair after a bath. Avoid confrontation… leave a friendly, durable reminder!

Designer: The 3M Company.

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