This hexagonal ruler set packs some impressive multifunctionality in its matte black body

A great stationery design is extremely critical for any product designer. Stationery is the tool that helps and supports you through your creative process. It can either make or break your entire design process, so it’s imperative to have products that really let you work easily, efficiently, and effectively, and enhance your overall system. One such phenomenal stationery design that we recently came across was the ‘Hexagonal Ruler 2.0’.

Designer: Yuan Design Studio

First and foremost, this stationery design is actually 3 rulers coming together to form a sleek and stylish kit. It instantly catches your attention with its metallic form and matte black finish. But hey, we’re not the superficial type to be impressed by mere good looks, as the Hexagonal Ruler has also been power-packed with immense multi-functionality.

Created from electroplated stainless steel, all three rulers boast a compact form, making them extremely easy to carry around! After all, inspiration can strike designers almost anywhere, and the regular sketching tools are pretty hefty (in comparison to the Hexagonal Ruler 2.0) to be carried by your side. So, the next time an ingenious idea strikes you, you don’t need to wait till you get home to start drawing it to life, you can do it on the spot with the help of this set. The ruler was designed to lay an “emphasis on freedom, quick edits and free flow of ideas that are hard to reach in computers.”

Each ruler is 72 x 62 mm, and can be used as a compass, protractor, and template ruler! It basically features all the tools you need to sketch. The deeper you look into the little intricacies of the ruler, you’ll find a number of interesting hexagonal shapes – from honeycombs to bubbles. It aims to provide more functionality as compared to a regular ruler.

A tailor-made leather case can be used to protect, and carry the rulers along with you…in style. The Hexagonal Ruler 2.0 is a simple yet complex product, that manages to enchant you with its unique aesthetics, compact size, and impressive multifunctionality. It is easy to use, easy to carry, and easy to create with!