This three-way pencil sharpener lets you connect small pencils by screwing them together

Have you ever tried writing with a small pencil? Honest to god, it’s a mighty struggle. Small pencils are cute and can fit right behind your ear, but they’re a usability nightmare… although Wang Cheng has a nifty solution to this problem. Just connect a small pencil to a larger one like cabins on a train. Cheng’s Eco-Friendly Pencil Sharpener lets you do just that. With three sharpening areas, Cheng’s design lets you conventionally sharpen a pencil as well as thread or tap them, turning them into wooden screws that can then be screwed into one another.

A winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award, the Eco-Friendly Pencil Sharpener increases the lifespan of those tiny pencil stubs simply by allowing you to elongate them. Thread one end of the small pencil and tap a larger pencil, and you can simply screw one pencil into another, making it a bigger pencil that lasts longer and reduces waste. Pretty nifty, no?!

Designer: Wang Cheng (Dwfuture Design)