The “Swiss Army Knife of Stationery” Lets You Sketch, Ideate, Plan, and Measure Anywhere

Last year we raved about the Horizon Helvetica®, an artist-oriented piece of EDC designed to pretty much replace conventional stationery kits. This time, the Horizon Helvetica® returns with its little sibling, the Horizon Key®, a keychain-friendly multitool that looks and functions as a scale but also moonlights as a hex wrench, bottle opener, basic protractor, flat-head screwdriver, mini-saw, and wire ripper. Designed to be more compact than the card-shaped Horizon Helvetica®, the Key® fits right in your keychain while the Horizon Helvetica® sits in your wallet. Together, both of Horizon’s tools cover every creative tinkerer’s need, from sketching and planning, to repairing and modifying.

Designer: Ufuk Koc of Horizon Design Solutions

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A perfect set of tools for artists, designers, engineers, architects, and anyone with a dominant right brain, the Horizon Helvetica® and Key® combine to give creatives every conceivable instrument they need, while still being hyper-portable. Both the Horizon Helvetica® and Key® come laser-cut from 304 High-Grade Stainless Steel, making them slim, lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant.

Horizon Helvetica®

Draw perfect circles.

Special section for Pixel and Pica measurements. Easily convert your sketches into digital area.

Unleash your creativity with isometric grid and cube sections.

Eliminate old tools from your life.

Perfect straight lines anytime.

The Horizon Helvetica® from last year still holds its position as one of the most creative-oriented EDC multitools on the market. Its name comes from the iconic sans-serif font, known for its supremacy and versatility. With a credit-card-shaped form factor, it allows you to sketch and doodle, measure distances and angles, create grids and circles for planned drawings, and even has a dedicated measuring scale for pixels and picas, making itself incredibly useful to graphic and interface designers who can use the Horizon Helvetica® to create UI sketch prototypes on paper before taking their concepts into Figma, Sketch, Illustrator, or any other design software.

Horizon Key®

The Horizon Key®, on the other hand, is a more hands-on tool designed for industrial designers, engineers, and overall tinkerers. Made for technical and physical applications, the Horizon Key® is a linear instrument with as many as 12 tools hidden inside its form factor. Its linear design makes it a perfect miniature ruler, which can be used for drawing lines as well as measuring objects in imperial as well as metric units. An inner cutout in the Key® also works as a multi-size hex wrench for opening and tightening bolts, while a smaller cutout on the outside serves as a spoke key for working on bicycle wheels. The Key® also has a mini-saw, a bottle opener, a wire-stripper, a flat-head screwdriver, and a protractor (angle indicator) built into it. Measuring under 3 inches in length and just 0.04 inches (1.2mm) thick, the Key® strings right into your keychain, letting you carry it wherever you go.

Both the Horizon Helvetica® and Key® come laser-cut from 304 Stainless Steel, and are available in a number of anodized color options with two more colors (Irish Green and Classic Blue) being added this year. Portability being their paramount feature, the Helvetica® and Key® are designed with a pocket-friendly format, and are even rated TSA-friendly for travel. You can grab both tools at £31 ($39 USD), with the option to only buy one of the tools (if you bought the Helvetica last year), or grab add-ons like the Horizon Memo Book, or a genuine Italian leather card-holder for your Helvetica®. Both the Horizon Helvetica® and Key® are perfect for anyone with a creatively-aligned mind, and start shipping in November 2023.

Click Here to Buy Now: Horizon Key® and Horizon Helvetica® for $39 $58 (30% off). Hurry, only 17/450 left!

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