How to save desk space with this organizer disguised as a file binder

If our floor space is already at a premium, our desk space is even more so. As the number of objects on our work tables grows, our space for keeping them in place becomes increasingly smaller. It’s no wonder why there’s an overabundance of desk organizers in the market, but these, too, occupy precious space that could otherwise be used for more important tools or accessories. For convenience, most organizers are laid out horizontally, but that’s definitely not the only design available. If saving space is more important than instant access, this desk organizer might actually be more effective, especially since it can put tools and other objects out of sight and out of mind when you don’t need them.

Designer: Nakabayashi

You might have plenty of stationery, supplies, and tools, but chances are that you’ll only ever use a select handful of these most of the time. You might find a bit of comfort in seeing them all the time, but they only eat up space all the time as well. Organizers, by their nature, can at least keep them tidy and in their proper places, but they also create visual clutter that could affect our subconscious minds. You could stash them away in drawers, but you’d be out of luck if your minimalist desk does have any.

It’s for cases like these that this rather ingenious organizer design comes in handy. From the outside and when they’re closed, they look like regular, nondescript file binders. Open them up, however, and you’ll see plenty of space for almost any kind of tool or supply. Simply pull one out using the typical ring hole, open it up, and you’ll have access to whatever you need to get the job done. It’s only a few steps more compared to reaching out for an open desk organizer but not much more compared to pulling out tools from a drawer.

Despite their obvious associations with desk or office supplies, these Lifestyle Tool File organizers can really hold anything you can think of, including baby products or an emergency kit. When you don’t need access to these objects, you can simply file them away on a shelf or something similar. You might even be tempted to go wild with a library of binders full of tools and accessories for any occasion.

These file binders come in A4 and B5 sizes to really drive home the illusion. Made from hard paperboard, the organizers also offer a more sustainable solution to the growing number of plastic products sitting on your desk. Unless you group a dozen or so together, they also take up little horizontal desk space, making them ideal for more space-constrained setups. For even more restricted spaces, there’s also a tall box that unfolds to reveal a few container pockets in the same vein, allowing people to maximize the space they have without having to say goodbye to their favorite tools.