Animal-inspired stationery designs for the animal lover within you!

I think something that everyone is bound to be a sucker for is animal-inspired stationery and equipment! Whether it comes to accessorizing your work desk, decorating your home space, or adding a nifty tool to your kitchen, any item shaped like a cute little animal has got my heart for sure. They have a magical ability to brighten up any space, adding a punch of fun and raising a subtle smile on everyone’s faces. And it seems like designers today have left no stone unturned in integrating everyday items with the animal kingdom to create some quirky tools!


The world’s largest bird is here to store your paper clips! The Running Ostrich by Arthur Xin is a shiny metallic ostrich skidding along in red sneakers and simultaneously holding your paper clips for you.

Table Zoo by RONG Design is an example of an innovative series of stationery products combined with the features of adorable animals.

The first product in their collection is a tiny frog (or maybe a toad?) which functions like a tape dispenser! Its wide-opened mouth serves as a holder for sticky tape, allowing you to easily tug some out whenever needed.

The second item in the Table Zoo collection is a prickly porcupine. Taking inspiration from the quills or sharp spines on a porcupine’s back,  the product functions as a pin holder. You can stick in the sharpest pins onto its backside, preventing any stray pins from lying about in your home.

A chirpy little bird completes the collection. The elongated tail of the elegant bird functions as a pen/pencil holder. Say goodbye to the boring old pen pots, and welcome some feathery fun onto your work desk!

Giraffes are the tallest animals in the world, and what could be more intriguing than meshing a measuring tape with one? Ototo Design’s Miss Meter is a beautiful yellow giraffe, with its neck functioning as a measuring tape. Pull the head (gently) away from the body, and what looks like a giraffe’s ordinary neck transforms into the most accurate measuring tape!

Suki Lee created an all-in-one USB adaptor, that can charge multiple smartphones at the same time. The various USB ports can connect to smartphones, laptops, power banks and etc, the perfect multitasker when it comes to charging! However, what sets it apart, is that it’s shaped like a pig! With a pink spout and tiny piggy ears, the ‘Cable Pet’ is a delight to look at!

The largest mammal on earth is now going to help you keep your teeth clean! Jonah-The Toothpick Dispenser by Peleg Design is a happy go lucky blue whale, that happens to store toothpicks in its belly and releases them through its spout. Just shake the dispenser, and pick the lucky one that escapes through Jonah’s spout.

Nendo always has something up their sleeve, with their minimalistic and innovative products never failing to impress us. Oppopet is a wireless optical mouse whose USB receiver takes the shape of different animal tails, making the device look like a little pet. A fox, dolphin, rabbit, dog, chameleon, cat, pig and squirrel; Nendo has not left behind the tail of any animal! The quirky receiver can also be plugged into the USB port of a laptop, giving the impression that a little animal has burrowed itself into your laptop.