Lazlo is a handsome ballpoint pen that celebrates the joys of writing

You don’t need complex mechanisms to elevate the ballpoint, as this innovative pen beautifully demonstrates.

It has almost been 85 years since the first ballpoint pen was revealed to the public and patented by inventor Lazlo Biro. Since then, the writing tool has become a staple of everyday life, making writing more accessible and more common. Unfortunately, the proliferation of cheap ballpoint pens has also made both the act and the tool more mundane, taking for granted one of the key accomplishments of human civilization. Every now and then, a new pen appears that reminds us of the unique experience of writing, and the Lazlo is one such instrument that brings back those feelings with a pen whose simplicity and beauty belie the ingenuity inside and the quality writing experience it delivers.

Designers: Odin Ardagh and Noah Bier of Makers Cabinet

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Many ballpoint pens today employ complex mechanisms and components in an attempt to make the writing experience more pleasurable. Unfortunately, it has the opposite effect of making the pen more prone to malfunctions and less likely to last a long time. Most of the time, making things simpler is actually the solution, and this pen named after the Father of Ballpoint applies that philosophy but with a special twist, literally and figuratively.

The Patent Pending Mechanism – Diametrically opposed neodymium magnets rotate bi-directionally to engage and disengage the cartridge to create an unparalleled crisp click.

The Lazlo pen utilizes a patent-pending dipole magnetic mechanism that extends or retracts the ballpoint with a simple twist of the knurled top of the pen. There are no springs involved, reducing the chances of the pen breaking due to wear and tear or broken parts. You still get a satisfying snap when you twist the cap, though, and some might even be tempted to use the pen as a makeshift fidget toy while letting ideas percolate in your head. The pen’s minimalist aesthetic makes it a good fit for any stationery or desk theme, but you still have a choice of materials and their corresponding weight. The anodized space-grade aluminum blends well with many laptops of the same hue and is the lighter option at only 40g. The precision-machined solid brass, on the other hand, has a bit of heft at 65g but ages gracefully with a patina over time. Whichever variant you choose, you are guaranteed a well-balanced tool that will feel comfortable and stable in your hand.

A Satisfying, Balanced Weight – The profile is marginally tapered, forming an elegant shape which is both comfortable in your hand and balanced in weight.

Longevity Tested to 80+ Years of Use.

Featuring Schmidt – The Schmidt MegaLine ballpoint refill is a highly sophisticated writing module based on a gas-pressurized system. This enables you to not only write upside down but also in the most extreme environmental conditions.

The Drop Stand.

Unlike most ballpoint pens, Lazlo is designed not just with durability and longevity in mind but also with sustainability. Its all-metal construction means that every part of the pen is recyclable. The steel clip that lets you conveniently carry the Lazlo pen in your front pocket is easily removable, and so is the front cap that gives easy access to the refill inside. It uses widely-available Schmidt MegaLine ballpoint refills, which utilize an innovative gas-pressurized system that lets you write even upside-down. The pen is also now compatible with Euro-Style cartridges, expanding your choices of refills. This means you won’t have to keep on buying new pens just because the ink has run out. Everything about the pen is designed to make it easy to repair, maintain, and preserve, ensuring that it will be around for years.

Even the packaging is made from sustainable and recyclable materials, including the cork drop stand that comes with every pen. You could, of course, also opt for a metal drop stand that matches the pen’s brass or aluminum body. There is also a Lazlo Sheath designed specifically for the pen, made from premium Badalassi Carlo leather that ages well with the pen itself. Whether you prop it up on a stand, keep it in your pocket, or display it in its leather bed, the all-metal Lazlo ballpoint pen will look striking in its simplicity, serving as a visual reminder of the simple joys of writing with a good pen.

Click Here to Buy Now: $68 $105 (35% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!