Clothespin-inspired tape dispenser clamps right onto the side of your study table

Quirky yet incredibly convenient, the ClampTape by Peleg Design ensures you always have a tape dispenser handy no matter where you are. Its clothespin-inspired design clamps onto any tabletop surface, giving you an instant dispenser right at arm’s length. The best (yet most understated part)? It can be used with one hand, unlike some lightweight tape dispensers that need to be held down with the second hand!

Designer: Peleg Design

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ClampTape comes from the minds of the folks at Peleg Design, known for their products that combine emotional design with problem-solving to deliver designs with fun experiences and strong storytelling abilities. The ClampTape is one such product that’s just cute and convenient at the same time. The clamp itself is made from bent sheet metal, with a rubber/polymer sleeve around the clamping jaws so that it doesn’t damage your table. It hardly requires any learning curve – just clamp it and begin using it!

The ClampTape fits desks between 0.4 and 1.8 inches in thickness. It comes with its own roll of tape, although you can refill it once you run out. Perfect for stationery nerds or even car enthusiasts, given that the ClampTape looks like a car battery clamp too!

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