Major EDC Multitool Brands Ranked Worst To Best

I love the term EDC because it really describes the universal nature of the category. Short for EveryDayCarry, EDC includes everything you can’t live without. While for most people it’s their phone, spectacles, and AirPods… for the EDC community, it usually features tools that are integral to life and survival. These range broadly from knives for the outdoors as well as indoors, as well as multitools, camping equipment, stationery with a tactical touch (a pen that can also cut your seatbelt, perhaps), and even wallets that do a lot more than just storing cards and cash.

The beauty of EDC is that you might be able to get by without it, but having it on you just makes things a LOT easier. You don’t know when you’ll need a bottle opener or a screwdriver, but having one on hand can make a massive difference. To that end, all EDC tools focus on being carryable (that’s what the C stands for, after all). They do this by either fitting multiple tools into a small form factor, or by being foldable.

A good EDC focuses on the carry-ability, but doesn’t compromise on function. It uses the finest materials, the most interesting and reliable mechanisms, and prioritizes durability – because if there’s anything worse than NOT having your EDC on you, it’s having an EDC that fails or breaks right when you need it the most in an emergency or tactical scenario.

This list takes a look at some of the most noteworthy EDC brands, ranking them by variety, quality, performance, value, and overall consumer satisfaction.

15. UZI Knives

UZI Tactical Pen 4

Known for its rich history in the firearms industry, UZI‘s foray into the EDC market brings a robust, military-inspired aesthetic. The brand shines with its tactical pens, celebrated for their blend of practicality, reliability, and affordability. Made from durable materials like aircraft-grade aluminum, they perform in challenging conditions without compromising function. Beyond pens, UZI’s rugged watches, flashlights, and folding knives uphold their philosophy of durable, practical utility, making them a compelling choice for those seeking a reliable, utilitarian addition to their everyday carry.

14. Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson Karambit Folding Knife

Just like UZI, Smith & Wesson extends its presence from the firearms industry into the EDC market with a range of products that are reliable and offer an affordable alternative to enthusiasts looking to own their gear. Their products, especially knives and tactical tools, offer functionality and durability at an attractive price point, appealing to budget-conscious consumers. Whether it’s a compact folding knife or a versatile multi-tool, Smith & Wesson provides essential utility with a robust build, making them an appealing option for those seeking dependable everyday carry items without straining their budget.

13. Schrade

Schrade Torsion CLR Folder

Schrade‘s appeal lies in its fusion of durability and diversity. Originally founded in 1904 as the Schrade Cutlery Company, the brand now offers a wide array of knives and tools crafted from robust materials, designed to withstand daily wear and tear. Their product range extends from compact pocket knives to larger survival tools, each embodying Schrade’s commitment to practical, hard-wearing designs. For consumers seeking a balance of function and durability, Schrade provides a plethora of options tailored for everyday utility.

12. Kershaw

Kershaw Select Fire Multi-Tool

Kershaw is a trusted name in the EDC knife category, having been founded by Pete Kershaw in 1974. Eve though it’s now a subsidiary of the Kai Group – Japan’s premier blade producer – Kershaw still proudly manufactures all their EDC in Tualatin, Oregon, USA, combining innovation from its Japanese counterpart into its EDC offering. In 1988, Kershaw debuted their ‘assisted opening’ mechanism, which changed the industry landscape forever. EDC (pocket knives in particular) form a core part of the company’s broad offering, although you’ll also find outdoor gear and apparel on their website too.

11. Dango

Dango T01 Tactical Wallet

Dango dives into the EDC market with its strikingly unconventional designs and multifunctional products. Their unique line-up, especially their wallets/cardholders, blends industrial hardware with luxurious leather, showcasing a commitment to quality and innovation. The mix of functionality and style in their products caters to the modern consumer who seeks more than just traditional utility from their everyday carry. Originally founded as a Kickstarter project (one of the highest-funded ones in the EDC category no less), Dango’s evolved wonderfully into a company that prioritizes function, fashion, durability, modularity, and a consumer-first approach – no matter who the consumer is…

10. MetMo

MetMo Pocket Driver

MetMo, short for ‘Metal in Motion’, brings a novel approach to the EDC world. The brand thrives on the intersection of fascination and function, offering meticulously engineered items that invite hands-on interaction. Their flagship product, the ‘MetMo Driver‘, is a prime example of their commitment to creating meticulously engineered items. This hand-cranked driver with a satisfying bolt-action-inspired ratchet mechanism not only provides practical utility but also serves as a tactile, hands-on gadget that invites interaction. Made from high-quality metal, it is a testament to MetMo’s dedication to durability and innovative design. For those who appreciate a blend of utility, durability, and sensory satisfaction, MetMo offers a distinctive option in the EDC market.

9. Gerber

Gerber Stake Out Multi-Tool

A part of the Fiskars Group, Gerber has carved a notable place in the EDC market with a vast and versatile range of products. From compact multi-tools to robust knives, and even reusable outdoor cutlery, their offerings cater to a wide array of consumer needs. Built for durability and designed for functionality, Gerber’s products resonate with both occasional users and dedicated outdoor enthusiasts. Shown above is the Stake Out, Gerber’s handy 4.5-inch-long multitool that conceals 11 essential outdoor tools that help you forage and hunt, set up tents or shelters, start fires, and then crack open a bottle of your favorite beverage when you’re done.

8. SOG

SOG Trident AT Pocket Knife

SOG Specialty Knives was formed by Spencer and Gloria Frazer in 1986. The name SOG comes from the abbreviation for Studies and Observations Group, as a hat tip to the MACV-SOG Joint Operations unit which developed their own knife during the War in Vietnam. The company’s first-ever knife, the SOG Bowie, was designed as a modified replica of the same knife used in Vietnam. Other than the original military-inspired designs, SOG offers a diverse line of EDC gear designed to be reliable, functional, and robust. Their commitment to innovation is evident in their product range, spanning all sorts of outdoor, camping, workshop, and tactical gear… and the odd backpack series too.

7. Tekto

Tekto A2 Badger OTF Knife

Tekto caters to the modern EDC enthusiast with a range of products that balance form and function. Known for their strict focus on knives, the company’s offerings broadly branch into folding knives, and their popular automatic OTF (out-the-front) knives, better known as switchblades. All of Tekto’s automatic knives are made in the USA. While these knives are designed for and commonly used by law enforcement, military personnel, and first responders, their OTF knives make for a remarkable addition to any EDC-lover’s gear collection.

6. CRKT (Columbia River Knife & Tool)

CRKT Provoke Morphing Karambit Knife

CRKT prides itself on innovation and collaboration, working with a wide range of blade designers, veterans, and other knifemakers to release some of the most innovative, playful, and functional EDC designs out there. Their collection of knives and tools boasts an intriguing mix of design and functionality. Take the Provoke, for instance – this morphing karambit was designed by Joe Caswell and debuted on Kickstarter, before CRKT partnered with him to rebrand the knife and launch it on their website. The karambit works quite similarly to how panther claws would, and that all-black finish definitely enhances its appeal. CRKT’s other knives focus on indoor and outdoor use, with the company crafting a beautiful balance between rugged tools and classy, contemporary EDC.


WESN The Carabiner (Titanium)

WESN captures a unique market segment within the EDC community with its dedication to micro-sized, high-quality tools. Known for their compact and ultra-lightweight knives, WESN manages to balance the size without compromising on the build quality or functionality. Their offerings are a testament to precise craftsmanship and utilitarian design, making them a popular choice for minimalists who demand strength and durability from their EDC gear. WESN’s Allman and Microblade remain their most popular (and capable) blades, but our minds can’t forget The Carabiner (or CB for short), a single-piece carabiner crafted from solid titanium, with a unique flexible spring-like hinge detail and a lifetime warranty.

4. The James Brand

The James Brand – The Redstone

The James Brand brings a refreshing contemporary touch to the EDC landscape. Renowned for its minimalist designs, this brand elegantly balances aesthetics with function. Their collection, which includes sleek knives and versatile tools, caters to the modern consumer who values simplicity and style without compromising on utility. In a world filled with EveryDayCarry tools, the folks at The James Brand pride themselves in designing tools that you’ll WANT to carry every day. The company’s cultural impact on the modern EDC community is so vast, they even partnered with Supreme over a haute $78 box cutter. However, for die-hard knife fans, we recommend The Chapter, and The Redstone (shown above).

3. Leatherman

Leatherman P4 Multi-Tool Pliers & T2 Multi-Tool Pocket Knife

When it comes to multi-tools, Leatherman is almost a household name. While on holiday in Europe in 1975, Tim Leatherman and his wife Chau constantly came across leaky hotel plumbing and roadside fixes for their cranky Fiat. That experience led to a brainwave, sparking the birth of the plier-based multitool – an incredible category that Leatherman is credited with inventing. Based out of Portland, Oregon, the Leatherman company still champions this category as one of the most functional tools in their catalog, with offerings like the Leatherman Curl being one of their highest-selling pieces.

2. Benchmade

Benchmade Tanto Claymore Pocket Knife

The family-owned, American company Benchmade distinguishes itself in the EDC market with a well-earned reputation for premium knives.  Utilizing top-tier materials and advanced manufacturing, Benchmade’s products are celebrated for their durability, superior performance, and refined design. From tactical knives to elegant folding options, their offerings cater to diverse needs without compromising on quality. Each Benchmade knife is backed by the company’s LifeSharp® promise, which guarantees free blade sharpening for the lifetime of your knife’s blade. This consistent dedication to quality and service makes Benchmade a standout choice in the EDC landscape.

1. Victorinox

Victorinox Pioneer Multitool

Victorinox, the original Swiss Army Knife manufacturer, continues to stand at the pinnacle of the EDC world. With a solid reputation built on reliability, versatility, and a wide product range, Victorinox balances affordability with quality. Their Swiss Army Knives are iconic, but their other offerings, like kitchen knives and watches, also adhere to the highest standards. This combination of heritage, consistency, and range cements Victorinox’s position as a gold standard in the EDC community.