This compact hand-cranked screwdriver is the perfectly versatile EDC with a touch of ASMR action

Industrial Designer Jinsop Lee theorizes that the best way to make a product more iconic and memorable is to design it for all 5 senses. The more multisensorial you make a product’s experience, the more your mind remembers it. It feels like the MetMo Pocket Driver was built on those principles. Aside from being visually attractive and having a tactile experience, the EDC includes the satisfying effect of a rhythmic ratcheting sound too, making it just the most satisfying screwdriver you’ll ever use.

Designers: Sean Sykes and James Whitfield

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Satisfying Drive – Instead of hiding the fun stuff away, they left it exposed so you can see that satisfying motion.

The MetMo Pocket Driver blurs the lines between form and function, giving you a screwdriver that both looks and performs better than any tool you’ve got in your toolbox. With the kind of rotating barrels and clicking pins that you’d find in a finely engineered workshop instrument or even a bolt-action pen, the MetMo Pocket Driver was designed to turn the age-old screwdriver into an intriguingly powerful high-torque tool that’s easy to carry and even easier to use.

Powered by a ratchet mechanism, the screwdriver lets you tighten screws/bolts with a single, continuous, rotating movement. Working similarly to the mechanism found in a bicycle wheel, the screwdriver tightens the screw when twisted in one direction, and creates that familiar clicking sound as you rotate your hand in the opposite direction to twist again. The result is effortless as it’s satisfying. The MetMo Pocket Driver delivers exceptionally high torque, letting you tighten or loosen annoyingly tough screws, and even easily drill holes into wood with a simple twist of your wrist.

Quick Release Handle – The handle pops into place in seconds giving you all the advantages of a bigger tool whilst taking up less space.

A Whole New Way to Hold a Driver – Use in-line as a micro driver, off-line to get into a tight space, use in T-mode to get some real power behind it.

Annoyingly small allen keys will be a thing of the past!

The driver lets you attach any 1/4″ hex bit to its magnetized chuck, while a fold-out handle lets you work the tool with an impressive amount of dexterity. The pivoted handle design encourages you to use a gripping style that suits your requirements. Open the handle out into a T-shaped grip for maximum torque, or use the handle while it’s closed in ‘inline mode’ for screws that are tucked away in tough-to-reach areas. The ratchet mechanism can easily be reversed to let you use the Pocket Driver clockwise and even counter-clockwise, allowing you to tighten or loosen screws and bolts with equal ease, and with that satisfying clicking sound that in itself becomes an indication of progress.

MetMo Driver on the left and MetMo Pocket Driver on the right.

The format of the MetMo Pocket Driver isn’t entirely new. It bases itself on the design of the ‘Ratchet Screwdriver’ an invention patented by Conrad Baumann back in 1949, but more recently, is a smaller, more pocket-friendly version of its elder sibling – the MetMo Driver. “A lot of backers loved the Driver but wanted something smaller,” mentioned the folks at MetMo Cube, who’ve carved a niche for reinventing what workshop tools and EDC devices look like.

Two in the Chamber – Pocket Driver has inline storage for two emergency bits to get you out of a bind.

Grab Hold of Your Bits – A powerful neodymium magnetic bit holder grabs bits firmly, so you don’t end up leaving them stuck in what you’re working on.

Use with Any Drive Bit – compatible with all standard removable Hex drive bits, so you can use it with 1000’s of modern fixtures, including your favourite brands from all over the world.

In its smaller avatar, the MetMo Pocket Driver scales down the popular tool, but retains its all-metal build. The smaller Pocket Driver comes made from a combination of heat-treated tool-grade steel and anodized aluminum, with a magnetized chuck that lets you securely mount Hex bits onto the driver, and a brass bolt that pendulates up and down as you rotate the driver. Flip it 180° and there’s even space to store two Hex bits inside the Pocket Driver’s hollow grip, so you’re never caught unprepared.

With its compact size, measuring just 4 inches in length, the MetMo Pocket Driver is perfect for indoor and outdoor tinkerers. Whether you’re a designer looking to build things, an engineer looking to repair things, or just someone who wants a versatile, portable tool to repair everything from cycles to circuit-boards, the Pocket Driver makes for a compelling pick. It works flawlessly thanks to its solid construction, and offers more torque than most motorized screwdrivers (17Nm), while simply delighting with its bolt-action-style mechanism that literally and metaphorically clicks! The ratchet mechanism and fold-out handle double as a fidget-toy of sorts too, allowing the MetMo Pocket Driver to be perfect for work, play, and everything in between. The MetMo Pocket Driver comes in steel and anodized black finishes, and a rugged, all-metal design that’s robust enough to last a lifetime.

Click Here to Buy Now: $110 $125 (10% off). Hurry, only 282/800 left!