The world’s smallest bottle opener is also a multitool

The TiBO is small enough to be underestimated. Roughly the size of your thumbnail, it’s easy to dismiss the TiBO as something that’s too small to be useful… but it’s also a wildly inaccurate thing to do, because at just 21.5mm in length, the TiBO is the smallest multitool, packing a bottle opener, a flathead screwdriver, and a prybar into its deceptively tiny footprint.

Conceived in 2016, the TiBO went through its share of design iterations before it reached what it looks like today. Optimized for performance, compressed to perhaps the smallest size a bottle opener has ever been, and made from Grade 5 Titanium, the TiBO sits on your keychain, barely occupying much space. With a name that’s a portmanteau of exactly what the product is, the TiBO is your handy, easily accessible Titanium Bottle Opener that’s sure to make its appearance at parties, out on the beach, or at the campsite when one of your friends invariably struggles to find the bottle opener they’re pretty sure they had. The very tip of the TiBO works as a flathead screwdriver too, allowing you to become an instant handyman when you want to tighten a loose screw around the house, or you want to pry open that can of paint, or even use as a makeshift box-cutter.

Weighing less than a gram (0.9g to be accurate), the TiBO is best paired with WynLABS’s Kii RING, a novel keychain ring designed for easy key-switching, and as a perfect partner to the TiBO. At just 21.5mm long and strapped with your keys, the TiBO is the most convenient way to have a bottle-opener/multitool on you, and with a Grade 5 Titanium construction, it’ll quite easily be on your keychain for generations, outlasting practically every key it hangs beside!

Designer: WYN LABS

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TiBO is the world’s smallest bottle opener and multitool. Be always ready with this Grade 5 Titanium EDC with bonus Kii RING – An Effortless Keyring.

TiBO virtually disappears on your keychain but comes in handy when you need it most. Use your thumb as leverage yo pull off the cap.

TiBO and Kii RING is the coolest everyday carry (EDC) combo everyone should have!

The design includes a flat screwdriver and it became more useful in so many situations. It required special milling operation but it was all worth it.

1-2-3 Lift Off!

Adding or Removing a Key is Effortless!

Kii RING has a small protrusion to allow easy separation of the loops for adding or removing a key.

Add six keys at one go!

Organize Your Keys with Kii RING System (1 Large + 4 Small Kii RINGs).

Click Here To Buy Now: $12.