This claw-like EDC can be quickly deployed with clenched fist position in any situation!

The world is vulnerable these days, with growing stress levels and raging anger. In such times you always need to be up for your self-defense game to stay away from harm’s way. Carrying pepper sprays or maybe a Taser gun is a good idea but can you carry them with you at all times – in your jeans or shirt pocket? That’s not practical for everyday defense when danger can be just around the block. You need a compact, quickly deployable accessory like a small knife that’s more like an everyday carry, so you don’t even know it’s there. When the time comes you can use it for any situation – bad or worse!

Provoke First Responder karambit knife by CRKT is one EDC you need to have in your arsenal for a tricky situation – whether you are stuck in a car with the doors locked out or when someone wants to steal your stuff on a lonely street in the dark of the night. The hawkbill-styled blade is the work of designer Joe Caswell, who’s known for his knife crafting prowess, and this has to one of the most intuitive knife design out there. With the pressure of the thumb, the knife is ready for use, and the ergonomic design means, it fits perfectly in your hand for the grip. Provoke is forged out of premium D2 steel and coated with black titanium nitride, making it ultra-durable and sharp for years to come. Even the opening mechanism is made out of superior material i.e. aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum for unmatchable toughness and deploys one handed, like a claw!

Keeping usage and portability in mind, Joe has fashioned the compact EDC knife to have a glass breaker on the tip and also a sheath with gear attachment options. The knife can be deployed from a clenched fist position. This makes it well-suited for first responders and people who work in law enforcement departments. The fact that Provoke can be deployed within seconds and retreated back to the closed position, makes it unparalleled. Self-defense never got so reliable, and this EDC makes it possible.

Designer: CRKT

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