This Rolling Titanium Ruler is a Great EDC Fidget Tool for the Creatively Inclined!

Back in 2017 when the fidget spinner was all the craze, it was a pretty great reminder of one fact – digital experiences, social media, addictive apps be damned… There was still something incredibly engaging about a tactile spinner. The fidget spinner craze may have died down soon after, but the joy of fidgeting didn’t. As digital as the world grew since then, tactile experiences still reign supreme, whether it’s the clack of a keyboard, the pop of bubble-wrap, the snap of MagSafe accessories, or the sheer ASMR of playing with a fidget toy. The Tiroler builds on that experience by re-imagining the humble scale/ruler as a new kind of EDC-worthy gizmo. Unlike the average scale, the measuring tape, or those ultra-advanced laser measures, the Tiroler prides itself in being incredibly hands-on and having a user-experience centered around fun. The device assumes the shape of a rolling hubless wheel that has a series of markings on it. Roll it along a surface and you can effectively measure its distance by calculating the distance your roller has traveled. The Tiroler emits a series of satisfying clicks every time it completes a rotation, so all you do is count the clicks and read the number on the Tiroler’s window to know the exact measurement you’re looking for. Aside from that undeniably fun experience, the Tiroler is crafted in the image of a gorgeous piece of EDC (Everyday Carry) too. It comes crafted from titanium, with a hubless design that your fingers will love alongside your eyes. When you’re not measuring objects, surfaces, and distances, the Tiroler is a gorgeous toy that you’ll immediately want to fidget with. That’s more than I can say about any other measuring device or app…

Designer: Suzuki Sho (Titaner)

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“Tiroler is a revolutionary measuring tool designed to break free from the constraints of traditional rulers,” says designer Suzuki Sho. “With its continuous loop design, Tiroler offers limitless measurement possibilities for irregular shapes, curved routes, and extended surfaces.”

The radial design of the scale breaks away from the monotony of linear scales. Not only does this design approach make it more portable than a regular steel or plastic scale, it also makes the process of measuring more fun, and easier to execute on your own, unlike measuring tapes that can sometimes require two people holding each end of the tape.

The Tiroler comes with a gorgeous all-metal design featuring a rolling ring suspended within a hubless outer body. This makes the roller easy to carry around given that its central cavity acts as a big lanyard hole, but also makes it easy to grip by having your thumb and finger nestled within the negative space. Using the roller is easy, fun, and mildly challenging – a window on the rim lets you see the markings on the roller inside. Set it to zero before you begin rolling along the surface you want to measure. Every time the roller completes a revolution, it emits a click that you’ll hear and feel. Count the clicks and multiply it by 10, then add the number you see on the window to get your final measurement. For example, measuring a distance of 24 centimeters would lead to two clicks (20) and a window reading of 4.

The unique format of the Tiroler makes it perfect for organic non-linear measurements. Whether you’re a fashion designer measuring the cut of a garment, an architect or engineer calculating the length of a curved wall, or even a transport/furniture/industrial designer gauging the distance of a curved surface, the Tiroler’s unique format coupled with its pocket-friendly size makes it a perfect tool to have on you at all times. Its gorgeous full-titanium design sets it apart as functional jewelry – you could string it around your neck as a haute pendant, popping it off whenever you need. Conversely, place it in your pocket, stationery kit, or backpack for use later.

The visual beauty of the Tiroler extends to its tactile joy too. The cold metal feels great in the hand, and the polished surfaces on the Tiroler make for a great interplay between light and shadow. This instantly makes your hand want to fidget with the roller, twirling it in your palms, passing your finger through its oculus, and rolling the measuring ‘bezel’ to create that satisfying click sound.

The Tiroler’s grooved rim prevent it from slipping and sliding during use, ensuring an accurate measurement every time.

Given that the world is divided between Imperial and Metric folk, the Tiroler comes in two different sizes. The Metric Tiroler is much more compact, measuring just 31.8mm (1.25 inches) in diameter, while the Imperial Tiroler is significantly larger at 40.4mm (1.59 inches). Strangely enough, the Imperial Tiroler doesn’t count up to 12 inches or a foot. The clicks occur every 5 inches instead (creating a 12-inch Tiroler would make it massive), which does tend to *slightly* complicate things, especially when you have to calculate feet.

The Tiroler ships globally with free shipping to select countries, and a long-lasting guarantee thanks to its durable, non-corrosive titanium construction that should serve you for years if not decades. The Metric Tiroler starts at a discounted $58, while the Imperial Tiroler has a $69 price tag. You can buy both together for $108, and each Tiroler comes with its own bespoke leather carrying case, allowing you to carry and showcase your beautiful jewel-esque measuring instrument with pride!

Click Here to Buy Now: $58 $89 (35% Off) Hurry! Only 7 Days Left!