Versatile and Feather light, Leatherman pocket multi-tool is the ideal all-in-one EDC for newbies!

Elegantly designed Leatherman multi-tool that shaves off the less required tools while adding some important ones – making it the ideal EDC for every pocket.

For any situation in life, you need to be ready with the right tool at the right time. The Leatherman Curl EDC inspired by the Wave Plus does exactly that with a touch of style. This multi-tool carries the essence of the Portland, Oregon-based origins established more than 37 years ago. Why I say that, well because it has the brand’s iconic features coming at an affordable price tag for first-time users. To be precise, the Curl EDC is a classic while being highly capable of tackling anything or everything coming its way.

Made out of 100 percent stainless steel material, the pocket tool is just the right palm-sized utility that’s so wantable. What piqued my interest about this multi-tool is the unification of 15 tools into a slim package weighing just 7.5-ounce. Leatherman has truly ticked all the right checkboxes here to appeal to a wide array of audiences. And be rest assured about its performance for a long time – after all it comes with a 25-year warranty. Virtually making it last a lifetime!

Leatherman Curl comes with a carefully chosen selection of tools like 420HC knife, bottle opener, can opener, diamond-coated file, hard-wire cutters, large bit driver, medium screwdriver, needlenose pliers, normal pliers, a ruler, spring-action scissors and wire stripper. To make it ultra-easy to carry around Curl also gets a removable pocket clip and nylon belt sheath.


Compared to the Wave, the Curl here gives up on the saw and serrated blade for outside accessible tools. It swaps the micro driver with an awl for the inside accessible tools. It also does away with the replaceable wire cutters and locking mechanism which I think is not much of a loss unless you cutting wires or fences every other day!

Designer: Leatherman