Chandelier-shaped hanging vase will self-water your plants to fill your space with lush greenery

Hear me out. Lights brighten a room literally, plants brighten a room emotionally. A room can look absolutely boring and dead with just four plain walls and some furniture. Add a plant or two to the mix, however, and the room literally comes to life. The hint of greenery from the plant just adds a little zest to any interior, no matter whether it’s minimalist, nordic, maximalist, bohemian, or midcentury. Designed to add that greenery to an interior space with just a touch of grandeur, the Poetic Beauty Vase is a ceiling-hung vase modeled to look like a chandelier. The design features 13 ‘vases’ that sit within a self-watering apparatus. Two trays provide water to each of the 13 vases (split into two tiers of 5 and 8 vases respectively), and it becomes a sort of weekly (or bi-weekly) ritual to feed water into the trays. The result, apart from a twice-a-week meditative activity, is a ceiling adorned with leaves and flourishing fauna. Oh, what a beauty!

Designer: Yeonsu Ra

The vases can be watered either directly, or using a self-watering system that involves filling the two central trays up with water. The trays deliver water to the base of the plants using a series of clear pipes, while the plants themselves sit in buoyant plastic containers that float up or down depending on the water level. The vases float up when there’s an abundance of water below, and settle down gradually as the soil and the plant absorb the water. When the planters are at their lowest level, it’s an indication that the ‘chandelier’ needs watering again. Never thought I’d say that sentence in my life.

The Poetic Beauty Vase is a continuation of designer Yeonsu Ra’s earlier project, the Hey Hello menorah-inspired planter/vase. “The concept of the Temple menorah, which was the motif of Hey & Hello, was expanded to carry out the project and as conveying the story of another possibility that can be shown by the principle of buoyancy at the same time,” said the designer.