3D print with metal or even wood – get creative with this upgraded 3Doodler pen!

For an artistic mind, every new invention is another opportunity to open up the flood gates of unknown possibilities. The all-new 3Doodler PRO+, a 3D printing pen that rides on the success of the 3Doodler PRO, comes with many upgrades to let one explore the creative avenues further. Whether you’re using it for your architecture projects or conjuring-up the next artistic marvel – 3Doodler PRO+ has got you covered on all ends.

The nifty little pen can now doodle in 3D using a variety of materials including the usual plastic but even going to new materials like copper, bronze, nylon, or wood. You can even mix up the plastic filament with these materials (thanks to the dual drive system) to allow your imagination to get up and running. It can 3D Print in three dimensions – things like sculptures, product prototypes, or even styling accessories. If that wasn’t enough, the new doodler can also be used to perform minor repairs in your home. The 3D printing pen comes with improved speed and temperature settings for the materials chosen, aided by the display that makes things a tad easier to configure. Daniel Cowen, CEO of 3Doodler said, “With its advanced capabilities, we’re keen to see what creator-led developments emerge as new and existing customers get their hands on this powerful 3D printing solution.”

3Doodler PRO+ is more durable than its predecessors since it can extrude for 30 minutes without a break before requiring a short 2 minutes breather. The sleep time has also improved – it can now be idle for 15 minutes before retreating into sleep mode. The ergonomic design of the doodler has been improved for better precision while drawing in thin air. The cool accessory is available for purchase at a price tag of $250, and if already your grey matter is flooded with ideas, the 3D printing tool is worth every penny!

Designer: 3Doodler

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