The 2019 Moto Razr looks even better in gold!

Take a second, like me to absorb exactly how beautiful the Razr 2019 looks in its new paint-job. Courtesy leaked images by Evan Blass, we’re getting an idea of what the Moto Razr’s variants would look like. In its prime, the original Razr was available in noir-black, silver, gold, as well as a hot metallic pink (which became a favorite with the ladies).

Currently, the Moto Razr 2019 is only available in Noir Black on Verizon’s website, and for a price of $1499. The leak of the gold variant comes at a time when Samsung is getting ready to debut the $1499 Galaxy Z Flip, which is directed at competing with the Razr. Unlike with past Razr phones that came with a radial brush pattern against a metallic body, the 2019 Razr comes with a slight texture that helps it stand out from the common gloss-finishes found in most phones today. Could we possibly see one in hot-pink or rose gold sometime in the future??

Designer: Motorola