Top 10 interior design trends of 2023

As the terror of the pandemic slowly fades away, and our lives return to a semblance of normalcy, a question that rightfully lingers on our minds is, ‘what will our homes look like in 2023’? 2023 is the year we can finally pay attention to our homes, the way they look, and our interior choices after what feels like a two-year hiatus. I mean, after all, our homes are our safe haven and our holy abode. We spend the majority of our time there, and they are an expression of our personal style, taste, and preferences. If you’re looking for some interior design inspo for your precious homes, then you’ve reached the right place. We’ve put together some of the interior design trends that we know will be making major waves in 2023! Hop on the bandwagon, and incorporate a few of these innovative ideas to create not only the home of our dreams but a home that will be contemporary, up-to-date, and super relevant in 2023. After all, relevance is the name of the game these days!

1. Japanese Design with Contemporary Influences

Japanese design of any sort has always been well-loved in the design world. Minimal, clean, subtle, and yet always practical – Japanese design philosophy never fails, whether you’re trying to implement it in architecture or interiors. Homes with Japanese interiors tend to be warm, comforting, and extremely peaceful. And in 2023, we’ll get to see a lot of designers integrating Japanese aesthetics but with a contemporary twist. This beautiful residence in Tokyo, Japan was designed by the Karimoku Case Study, Japanese architect Keiji Ashizawa and Danish design studio Norm Architects. The home is marked by an amalgamation of minimalist and traditional Japanese design, as well as touches of contemporary design. Pocket sliding doors, wooden wall hangings, and woven seating elements create an intriguing mesh of different textures. The home boasts a smooth balance of curves and corners, as well as natural and electric light.

2. Resurgence of Art Deco

Interior designers are claiming that 2023 could be the year that Art Deco makes a comeback! Characterized by modernness and geometry, the essence of Art Deco is pretty simple – it utilizes a whole bunch of unique shapes, while also laying emphasis on art and luxurious materials, and then packs up the entire deal in a rather modern package. Clean lines and elegant curves define the interior design style that is Art Deco. We can see these traits quite evidently in this manor called Pacific Heights, designed by Kendall Wilkinson. The space is marked by an eccentric mix of intriguingly shaped furniture, bold colors, and a variety of artwork generously display throughout the home.

3. 3D Printed Furniture

3D printing has well cemented its place in the design industry as a technique that is innovative, efficient, and economical. And it’s definitely making waves in furniture design and manufacturing. We, do see, 3D-printed furniture gaining popularity in 2023, because they are proving to be a rather sustainable and flexible option to fill up our homes with. Johannes Steinbauer Office created these 3D-printed seats without using any kind of springs, foam, and fabrics! The chair utilizes rigid prints, rather than the usual racks that are used for building chairs. The chair is pretty easy to assemble and disassemble, and once it’s surpassed its lifecycle, you can dispose of the different parts, and have them recycled! The recyclable aspect of 3D-printed furniture is something that sustainability lovers simply cannot ignore.

4. Smart Storage Solutions

Look, it’s no secret that the apartments on the market today seem to be getting tinier and tinier. You don’t need to actually buy a tiny home, our modern-day apartments are as tiny as a space can get. This space constraint issue isn’t one that will easily fade away in 2023, but what we can see rising up on the horizon are smart storage solutions. A great storage design is one that effortlessly merges into your home, without occupying more space than it provides. For example, the PLOGA rack is an excellent furniture piece for your entryway. It functions as a coat rack, and what’s really interesting, is that it features vertical hooks! The hooks are adjustable and placed vertically on the rack. You can slide them from left to right, creating a flexible form that can be changed whenever. This provides more space to store your items, ensuring that they aren’t layered on top of one another.

5. New Tactile Materials

We do believe a wide range of new materials will be explored and utilized in 2023. Tactile materials that provide an expansive sensory experience will be chosen by designers. Humble materials such as brick, natural wool, and lime plaster walls could be dominating homes in 2023. Birch plywood will be replaced with newer materials such as oak, cherry, and red oak. These are bolder and deeper materials that will hold a space of their own in homes. Mushroom is another exciting material that could truly find its moment in 2023. Mushroom leather is a sustainable and ethical alternative to animal leather, and could be selected as the material of choice for sofas and armchairs. The brand Mylo is creating leather from mycelium, the root-like system of mushrooms. They are producing mushroom leather in less than two weeks, in vertical farming facilities powered by renewable electricity.

6. Sustainable Furniture will be a Necessity

Rather than being a trend, incorporating sustainability in our homes is going to become a necessity in 2023. Designers will continue to utilize resourceful materials, upcycle and reuse furniture designs, and reduce the use of plastic and other harmful materials in the manufacturing of furniture. The 4PM Chaise Lounge Chair is defined by flat and curved features and is designed to create comfort out of hard material. Constructed in either Douglas fir or cherry wood, the only upholstered component of the 4PM Chaise Longue Chair is the leather headrest. Balanced on top of the backrest, Massproductions held the headrest in place with a steel weight. The 4Pm Chaise Lounge Chair is proof that you can create sustainable + eco-friendly furniture designs, that rate high on visuals, and will merge well with our contemporary homes.

7. Bold and Quirky Furniture

Minimal furniture piece has and always will be a favorite among furniture designers and lovers, however, we do believe we will see a rise in bolder and more unconventional furniture. Neutral-toned furniture could take a backseat, as explorations in color and forms lead to designs that are bolder, louder, quirkier, and less boring. 2023 could be the year that experimentation in furniture reaches a whole new level. Designed by Deniz Aktay, The Bookpet is a ‘coffee-book table’ It features a sculptural shape that evolves from a double-bent cuboid. The free-flowing and flexible structure of the piece seems to twist and turn through the air, resembling a Dachshund or a sausage dog! It showcases a rather loud and intriguing red color, which is further enhanced by its unique cuboidal shape.

8. Tiny Compact Kitchens

We believe in the might of tiny homes, but slowly and surely we’re believing in the might of tiny kitchens as well. If you truly take into consideration our hectic schedules, and our tiny cramped apartments, you’ll come to realize that we don’t really need sprawling, over-the-top kitchen counters. What we need are smaller, compact, and smartly designed kitchens that meet all our requirements, without occupying too much space in our homes. Designed by Begüm Şenel, this tiny kitchen is truly meeting all my kitchen goals. Featuring a soft pastel color palette, the kitchen is minimal, compact, and modern. The dining table is a compact space, that has been merged with the rest of the tiny kitchen. Barstools with blood-orange cushions make for a nifty and space-saving seating option.

9. Stools over Chairs

How much attention do you truly pay to stools? A negligible amount or none at all? Don’t worry, most of us make the same fatal mistake of overlooking stools when in actuality, they’re probably one of the handiest and niftiest furniture designs you could have in your home. They’re compact, and a great space-saving furniture option for our modern homes. They are also super portable, and could truly replace chairs in 2023, especially if you’re someone who’s looking for compact furniture pieces, rather than larger bulkier ones. The Plastic Translation Stool design tries to reinterpret the lines of the plastic stool instead, resulting in a form that is somewhat similar yet also unique, giving the wooden stool its own character. It is built using Birch plywood buttresses and is super easy to assemble. You don’t need screws or nails to put it together!

10. An Emphasis on Unconventional Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures will be looked at in a new light in 2023! We will see designers and homemakers veering away from traditional and unconventional lighting designs, and instead moving towards ones that are louder and quirkier. These designs will be used as statement or centerpieces that will occupy a space of their own. They could be complemented by furniture that is simple, minimal, and rather unassuming – much like, ‘Onu’, a series of lighting designs created by Austrlia-based Sabu Studio. The Onu series features a pendant, as well as a floor light – beautiful handmade specimens crafted from wood. Both the pieces showcase a ‘split’, which in turn functions as the star feature of the products.