This desk design’s attention to detail makes it perfect for organization addicts!

By now we have all figured out a spot that works for us while we work from home. Since we had to practically adapt overnight, we didn’t have the chance to make our work corner ‘work’ for us – the right desk, chair, lighting, and perhaps a coffee machine? The new normal is seeing a big wave of change as more and more companies are letting employees work from home even after lockdown ends, so now we have the time to prepare and let us start with this Shelter desk!

The Shelter desk is a project that is coming to life because the designer was on a quest for the perfect desk. If you are someone who loves to have a clean, organized, clutter-free desk then this is the one for you! It was designed keeping in mind all the devices, wires, and accessories that live on our work stations, however, Shelter still remains minimal while maximizing the value of a desk. There are three slim drawers on the front side that are big enough to store your gadgets, like tablets or laptops. The back drawer was designed for you to hide all your cables and chargers. But the beauty of this desk lies in the curved drawers that give this desk its fluidity while retaining the functionality of the design.

“This is a personal project I wanted to develop for a long time, I’ve designed it with a minimal approach and dynamic lines aligning the angles of each component for better fluidity,” says the designer. The Shelter desk was created for organization addicts but the simple, warm design will make any interior enthusiast fall in love with this piece. This desk is the simplest yet most productive work from home furniture I have seen – no bells and whistles, just good design.

The Shelter Desk is a Platinum Winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2021.

Designer: João Teixeira