Integrated salt and pepper shaker adds some style to your table

When you use a lot of salt and pepper for cooking and eating, you probably have separate containers for both. And while there are some pretty cute salt and pepper shakers available that can make dinner more interesting, there’s also room for some kitchen accessories that can hold both but separately. If you’re trying to add some more nice, cute, or minimalist things to your kitchen or dining table, a lot of product designers are coming up with interesting concepts, including this one for an integrated salt and pepper shaker.

Designer: Jonas Finkeldei

An Industrial Design student at the Academy for Design at Münster has come up with a concept for a minimalist-looking yet stylish salt and pepper shaker in just one piece. Stui is made from oak and beech and has two chambers that are separate for the two spices. The slider part has the darker color and can be moved up and down depending on which of the two that you need to come out of the sprinkling openings. The holes seem small enough that it’s easy to control how much comes out of it.

The shaker actually looks more like a harmonica at first glance because of its elongated shape. Unlike most of the salt and pepper shakers that have either a round shape and are made of mostly glass materials, this one has a bar-like design and uses a wooden aesthetic. There are of course a lot of other wooden shakers out there but this one makes it more convenient for you as you will just need one container for both spices and will not even mix them together.

While it’s still just a concept for now, it’s actually something that’s pretty feasible and can eventually be part of restaurants’ tables or your own. It’s actually pretty simple and the function is also simple, but well designed and interesting products like these are something we always watch out for.