This multifunctional side table transforms into a chair and make the most of tiny living!

Living in tight city corners is a finicky job– you have to make the most of your space, no matter how small. Studio apartments and tiny living spaces can make it feel difficult to have control over the space because delineating different rooms without overcrowding the place can feel impossible. In designing a chair specifically built for small living spaces in the city, NG Architects created Spring, a multifunctional table that blooms into a chair with a backrest at the push of a button.

Spring comprises a cylindrical shape that increases or decreases in height according to its desired function. At its lowest height of 500mm, Spring serves as a simple side table with a natural wood top. Then, by simply pressing the table down, Spring’s built-in compression springs are activated and morph the side table into a chair with a backrest. By following the same pushing tactic, the Spring chair can reach its maximum height of 900mm, transforming into a table that can work as a centerpiece for a small studio space. While the main building material used to construct Spring is oak wood, the furniture’s compression springs are made from aluminum, while natural and white paint colors coat the sides and top of Spring.

Named after the Spring season, the chair’s transformation is reminiscent of a flower blooming. The clever use of built-in compression springs gives double credence to the chair’s name and provides the chair with multifunctionality without having to take up more space. Designed specifically for tiny living spaces, Spring uses modern building practices and classic design principles to create simple, yet multifunctional pieces of furniture that open up to meet your space where it’s already at.

Designer: NG Architects

Inspired by a flower bud, NG Architects built Spring for practical purposes in small living spaces, creating more functionality while not overcrowding the space.

Five aluminum springs hold a clamp lever that morphs Spring into its different forms when activated.